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Cellular Signal Boosters: An Affordable Alternative to DAS.

Posted by on Dec 01, 2016

DAS versus cellular phone signal boosters

"I have got a very expensive smartphone here, so why can’t I get cell phone reception?" That is a question being asked by millions in workspaces across the USA. Employers obviously realize that there’s an answer to the lack of cell phone reception, but fixing the problem is not an inexpensive proposition. Many businesses are finally understanding that it is possible to address the technological nightmare that has become all too common in American workplaces.

We now understand that although there have been huge advances in 4G LTE cell phone voice and data service, there are still many schools, convention facilities, offices, hospital campuses and other types of buildings that pose a huge challenge for cell phone connectivity.

And since we have all come to rely so heavily on our mobile devices to keep us connected to our family, our work colleagues, social media updates, and emergencies, we tend to become frustrated and annoyed when faced with poor cell phone connectivity at the workspace.

Different Solutions with Different Price Points.

But there’s good news! Employers now have access to a couple of decent solutions to the vexing problem that would help empower their employees and other people within a commercial building and ensure that, even in the most signal-deprived locations, they are able to receive full bar data and voice signals.

And so the question of cost arises: There are two entirely different technologies that exist to finally solve the problem of the lack of cell phone signals in commercial buildings. For building managers or employers looking to resolve this issue and provide service whilst keeping capital expenditures down, there’s a huge difference between the two options.

DAS Systems: Offering a Hardwired Fix.

DAS stands for Distributed Antenna Systems. DAS technology is a great industrial solution, especially when it is incorporated into a new construction, allowing it to be planned for in the initial design of a commercial building. Using hardwired electrical connections, DAS links the services of both local cell phone carrier companies and local utilities into a system of antennas, which is then distributed through the signal-poor location. You have probably seen antennas that provide cellular services on big-city subway platforms and are already familiar with DAS applications.

DAS requires an extensive infrastructure to be set up, which explains why the installation and maintenance of DAS systems can be such a major extensive and disruptive undertaking. Plus, the installation of DAS technology must consider the official connection to various carrier’s services. Also, some DAS administrators are required to choose just one carrier, or alternatively, to make special arrangements in order to provide connections to include other carriers.

Signal Boosters: Freestanding, Adaptable and Affordable.

For anyone looking for a simpler, less-expensive solution, then the cellular signal booster is the perfect alternative; and there’s the added bonus of a signal booster being carrier-agnostic. This means that the signals of all major cell phone companies who’re in your area and offer active service, are boosted. This way, both employees and visitors to your commercial space will have access to cell phone reception from all carriers, which is an added bonus beyond the option of cell phone signal booster systems that are carrier specific.

Here’s the great news if affordability is your main concern: Installation of a commercial grade cellular signal booster system costs less than 10% of the cost of a similar DAS solution! Cell phone signal boosters are reliable and very easy to use, they can now work with a wide variety of applications.

Some low powered residential versions for offices up to 7500 sq. ft. are so simple that they can be installed by anyone who knows how to install a cable modem and a Wi-Fi router. These cellular signal booster systems also come in several different mobile vehicle booster types such as compact mobile boosters that are meant to work in an RV, car, or boat – thus providing improved cell signal whilst on the move through to boosters designed for building or home use where weak tower-to-phone connections exist.

Excellent Results in an Office Environment.

Cell phone signal booster systems are also available to businesses, where a more high-powered version of a domestic cell phone signal booster system is required. These booster systems are capable of providing full strength data and voice calls throughout the commercial complex.

These commercial systems should be installed by professional installers, but their simple technology makes them virtually maintenance-free. Once installed, the signal booster works to gather and electronically boost all incoming signals from nearby cell phone towers, and then distributes these boosted signals to cell phone users within a building.

There’s no complicated infrastructure or elaborate wiring required: These cell phone signal amplifiers are capable of boosting existing data and voice signals to as much as 32 times more than you would experience without signal boosting. Working in reverse, the booster system supports uploading of photos, emails, texts, and voice data, then boosts those signals for better transmission and reception back to the nearby towers.

The Difference Will Be Amazing!

Cell phone users will be amazed at the speed of uploads and downloads, the difference in call quality, and the lack of dropped calls. Emails will be quick, and there will be no delays with social media updates.

The affordability of a cell phone signal booster system is definitely something for business owners to consider; certainly if you’re trying to provide much-needed backup connectivity for people working on their smart phones and tablets within your commercial building. A cell phone signal booster system is self-contained, easy to use, and virtually maintenance free and offers your staff and visitors an equal access to all the major cell phone carriers active in the area.

If you have any questions about how a cell phone signal booster system works and whether it might work in your particular situation, please contact us directly or visit our website and view our products.

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