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CES 2018 Innovation Award Winner: Vehicle Cell Signal Booster

Posted by on Jan 19, 2018

In-vehicle Drive Sleek cell phone signal booster recently won the CES Innovation Award. Annual awards competition recognizes outstanding consumer technology products in the categories of engineering, design and function.

CES 2018 Innovation Award Winner Cell Phone Booster

The recently-released Drive Sleek is among the newest products from Wilson Electronics, a leader in the cell phone signal booster industry. It is designed particularly for vehicles, ensuring there will be no gaps in coverage when using cars, vans, trucks or even in a boat.

Bruce Lancaster, the CEO of Wilson Electronics, said the Drive Sleek was designed with the consumer in mind. It offers cell phone signal booster users not only improved widespread coverage, but better data speeds and a longer battery life thanks to wireless connection stability.

This 4G LTE in-vehicle cell phone signal booster is convenient to use. At only $199.99, it is very affordable too. It sits in a single-phone cradle and uses coupling technology not only to improve 4G LTE but also 3G cell phone signals for up to 32 times unboosted power. Data and phone signals alike will go uninterrupted with the help of this signal booster.

"Regardless of why you want to stay connected, the Drive Sleek's improved performance over previous products will give you a dependable cellular signal, improved data speeds and longer battery life", Mr. Lancaster said in a statement.

It sets itself apart from its competing cell phone signal boosters and predecessors by offering flexible coupling and an improved exterior antenna.

It gives you a significantly stronger signal by amplifying existing signals and extending coverage areas beyond the norm. Not only will you not have to worry about dropped calls, but you have the peace of mind knowing that even on the road, no matter where you are, you will have a strong data connection as well.

The Drive Sleek kit comes with a cradle, booster, exterior antenna, power supply and vent clip for multiple mounting options. Find it on our website. Review this, and other vehicle signal boosters, today.

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