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Commercial Cell Phone Booster Installation - All the Facts!

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016

Know the facts before investing in installation of a commercial cell phone signal booster system because it will save you a lot of time and money! Commercial installations require certified cell phne signal booster installers to install the system. However, consumer signal boosters can be installed by anyone that can follow simple step by step instructions.

commercial cell phone booster installation

If you have been experiencing low internet speeds, poor cell signal quality, or frequent dropped calls within your commercial building, then it is likely there’s a problem with your cell signal. It could be that the signal from your nearby cell tower is being blocked by other buildings, or even by the surrounding landscape. Perhaps it is that the signal from your closest cell tower is too weak for your phone to pick up; or it could well be the building materials themselves that are causing the problem by blocking an otherwise strong signal from reaching your devices. Any of the above factors could be responsible for the problems you’re experiencing, and the easiest solution is to install a Commercial Cell Phone Booster system.

What to Expect from a Cell Phone Booster Installation?

Okay, so you have decided to install a commercial cell phone booster kit. Next, let us talk about which equipment to use and its installation process. First, submit an assessment form. Thereafter, a Wilson Electronics certified installation expert or professional dealer will arrange to meet with you on-site. He/ she will personally assess your commercial building and determine which system design will suit both your particular space and signal amplification requirements.

He/ she then carries out a site signal survey which is most important. If there's no service all around outside your building, then installation of a signal booster system will not help! If there's some or very good signal outside, he/ she will determine the type of equipment would be needed based on outside signal strength as well, to solve the problem of poor signal reception. Thereafter, he/ she will talk to you about your options and prepare quotation. Following that, an installation is carried out. An installation itself is actually the easiest part of the whole process.

What to expect when a Wilson certified installation is carried out ?

The Site Signal Survey.

A site survey is performed again before installation to confirm results obtained the first time prior to quotation. Even if has been performed before, it is the first step during installation of a cell phone booster system due to minor signal fluctuations that can occur from time to time. It would really help a lot if you could give the professional installer a floor-plan of your building. This would save them a lot of time on the research. This would give them a rough idea of what to expect when they meet with you on-site.

During the site’s signal survey, the certified installer uses a signal meter to take signal strength readings from both the rooftop of the building and individual rooms within. These professional readings indicate to them an outside signal strength, and they also reveal which rooms have the weakest and which rooms have the strongest signals.

Positioning the Cell Signal Booster System Components.

Part of the reason for conducting a building signal survey is to enable the cell phone booster installer to determine the type of equipment required and where it should be installed. The main components of a cell phone booster system are:

  • Donor (outside) Antenna: This is placed on the roof of the building.
  • Signal Booster (Amplifier): For amplifying the signal.
  • Broadcast (inside) Antenna: For transmitting the boosted signal to your devices.

The cell signal booster installer will determine the best positions for all these components. He/ she will estimate how much cable will be required and what accessories will be needed for the system to work effectively.

Discussing Options and Preparing Quotation.

Once the site signal survey has been completed, the cell booster installer will make their recommendation with a rough design based on both existing signal strength outside the building and the building’s floor plan or blueprint.

Each commercial cell signal booster system must be customized. This is due to the fact that commercial buildings vary so much in size. They range anywhere from 20,000 ft.² to more than 200,000 ft.². As an example, if they suggest the new Wilson Pro 4000R rack mount cell phone signal booster for your 100,000 commercial building, your commercial building would require one donor antenna, but several broadcast antennas with cable splitters that will be required. Four indoor dome antennas and required cables plus splitters are already included with the WilsonPro 4000R. However, this system can be expanded from four to eighteen interior antennas should the installer deem it necessary to cover more space if your building has more interior space of maybe 140,000 sq. ft. or if the best exterior signal is too weak to cover all interiors.

However, this may not be necessary. Your cell phone signal amplifier installer will tell you if you need to go for a customized solution. If so, he/ she will list all equipment that will be required. That will also specify the locations for interior antenna installations, and a cable plan to connect them all to the Wilson Pro 4000R cell phone booster system (or Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select, or any other). Plus, you will be given all the details regarding the final appearance and function of the booster system.

If you’re happy with the plan you may approve it. You would need to agree to the cost of the installation and materials. The cell phone amplifier installer would then prepare a formal quote and prepare to start the installation.

Moving Forward with a System Design Layout.

Cellular amplifier system installation moves forward once a final plan and the cost has been agreed upon. An installation of a cellphone signal booster system is generally quite straightforward. However, there may be a lead time if products need to be ordered and shipped. This is rarely a concern because we carry extensive stock in our warehouse in Houston, Texas.

The success of the booster system will be determined by the correct positioning of each component and an effective connection of outside antennas to amplifier(s) and broadcast antennas. Please note that all equipments used in the cell phone booster installation are FCC Approved, which means all the products being used would be authorized for the installation.

What You Can Expect from a Wilson Pro Commercial Installation.

Wilson Pro signal boosters improve both data and voice signals on all cellular enabled devices (including tablets, phones, and cell modems) on all North American cell carrier networks such as USA big four wireless providers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and Canadian big three mobile providers Rogers, Bell, and Telus. Your Wilson Pro installer will work with you proactively to ensure that all the commercial cellphone booster installation is done as perfectly as planned.

With Wilson-Pro boosters, our certified cell phone signal booster installers can deliver a reliable system design so that your commercial operations can run smoothly for many years to come and an old problem of poor signal strength becomes a thing of the past. We provide excellent support to all customers for years to come.

Consider the new Wilson Pro 4000R or call us today and ask about the best cell signal booster solution for your commercial building.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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