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Commercial Property Cell Phone Signal Booster Wilson Pro 70

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016

With the development of the modern world, technology is more important than ever before. If you own commercial property, you know just how much traffic you get on your network, giving you no end of problems day in and day out. If you're tired of dealing with these unnecessary complications, find some peace that there's relief in sight: A Wilson Pro 70 cell phone signal booster.

Commercial Property Cell Phone Signal Booster Wilson Pro 70

You will find that the right cell phone signal booster kit will make a huge difference and make your business much more sleek and fine tuned on the inside and outside. If you're not convinced yet, take a read below to check out all of the features that it will earn you and your commercial property. There's a lot to take in:

More productivity in sales

As the different employees attempt to get the work done, there is bound to be some time where they're waiting for data or databases to load. Despite their best efforts, they cannot make it a seamless effort. For those who work in sales or other departments that are on the phone with customers while they're trying to access the databases, this can make the difference between getting a sale or losing one, which you know is critical to a good business year. Additionally, during their time both on and off the phone, sales workers can be more productive with a fast paced network and no wait time.

Better service

By having a network that is fast and ready to work for everyone no matter how many are trying to access their mobile network on whichever carrier, you can offer better service to the client, whether they're on the phone on in the store. There's no question that customers are fickle, and will not hesitate to go to a business that can work faster than yours. This means that a signal booster kit will help them get the friendly service in combination with the fast speeds that they need to feel confident and pleased with their experience from start to finish. This is another huge plus to getting an affordable signal booster kit for your commercial property.

Entering the cell phone world for convenience

More and more, employees are wanting to use their cell phones to make business calls because they can do it from other places besides their office. This is especially true if there're multiple offices in the same city. The trouble is that the mobile network is unreliable. If they're not on the landline, the signal is rough and terrible at times, not to mention that dropped calls that will cause no end to problems for everyone. As long as an employee is within the range of the signal booster, a cell phone call can be as good as a landline one, meaning better connection and the ability to update databases and access business-related data from other spots than their office computer.

Great coverage in modern building materials

Whether you know it or not, the building you are in, does a lot to block the cell phone signal. Therefore, hypothetically, you can go outside and get a better signal. Realistically, this may not always be the best option, but you get the point. So, make it easier for your employees by putting in a cellular signal booster. This will cover every inch of the building so that even the lower zones can still get a reliable signal when they need one. It is an easy way to make sure that everyone everywhere gets the signal they need to take care of their business needs.

Can handle a heavy workload

Last but not least, your commercial property is bound to have a heavy workload. This is normal, because you have employees everywhere struggling to get online and use it for their needs. A signal booster will make this load a lot easier so that each employee can get the job done as they see fit. Since you're running this business, that should be one of the top priorities that you have. Make sure that you consider it seriously.

A signal booster that works with all USA and Canadian Carriers

Each commercial grade cell phone amplifier can boost coverage from 25,000 square feet to up to 50,000 square feet and boosts reception on all carrier networks making it an ideal choice! Whether the cell phone user is in USA on T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless - It will boost their reception. Whether the cell phone user is in Canada on Rogers, Telus Mobility or Bell - It will boost their reception.

If multiple units are needed, we offer a free system design assistance. Professional certified installers are also on hand if professional installation is required (Installation appointment card also included with booster kits). Please contact us if you need us to connect you with a local certified installer in your area, wherever you are, in USA and Canada.

Think about it: A signal booster kit that is oriented around making your commercial property is better off means that you can experience a better business in total, and you will be able to find that your customer service experience gets much better for everyone involved. Consider the option of a professional kit today, so that everyone in your company from employees to clients – can experience a better cellular reception:)

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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