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Comparison of weBoost booster kits with others

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015

weBoost booster comparison

How does weBoost stack up against other competing boosters? There is nothing worse than not being able to get a signal on your cell phone despite spending money to boost reception. What good is a cell phone booster if you can’t use it due to low signal strength? WeBoost is designed to strengthen your cell phone signal and allow you to make calls and access your emails without any issues or interruptions. Both voice and data communications made seamless is the goal of weBoost. Since signal strength is so important to cell phone users, it is time to take a closer look at how weBoost stacks up against the competition. You might be surprised at how much better weBoost is, at strengthening cell phone signals than all the rest.

Here is how weBoost compares to other boosters, femtocells, and antenna cases:

Other Boosters

There are a number of other boosters that claim to be as effective at strengthening cell phone signals as weBoost. However, the data clearly shows that this is not the reality. The signal improvement with other boosters is on par with weBoost and offers up to 32x signal improvement. The main difference is that weBoost is automatic at gaining settings, but other boosters are manual. Other boosters do not work with all carriers.


Other boosters stack up against weBoost most favorably, but Femtocells is not as similar to weBoost as you might expect. The total signal improvement offered by Femtocell is not known and it does not work with all carriers. The number of users is one of Fem-to-cell's good features with up to 7 users.

Antenna Cases

Many people are opting for antenna cases that are designed to improve signal strength, but they are not really similar to weBoost. An antenna case only improves signal strength by 2x, but it does work with all carriers, which is an added plus.

WeBoost Booster Kits

It is easy to see that weBoost is the best option for cell phone users looking for signal strength improvement. The amount of signal improvement that can be gained is about 32x, which is similar to other boosters. The main difference in weBoost and other boosters, is that it is automatic and works with all carriers.

As you can see, weBoost is the one that comes out on top when stacked up against the rest. It offers the superior signal strength improvement and works with all carriers. It is the convenient choice for cell phone users that want to improve their signal. 

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