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Cradle signal booster 470106 designed to improve signal on the go!

Posted by on Apr 14, 2015

weBoost Drive 3GS 470106 Dual-Band Booster Kit

Suppose you are on a tour and going to some place where all the facilities of a metro city are not available. Normally on such tours, luxuries can be sacrificed but not the needs. One of these needs is that you want your phone to serve you at its best. At its best means all the features of your phone should work. Often it is noticed in travelling that the cell phone signals are weak and the phones doesn’t perform as they normally should. In the modern world, we are not worried about such issues because weBoost provides a full range of cell phone signal boosters. The following are the synonyms of the device which is discussed in detail ahead:

  • weBoost Drive 3GS 470106 Dual-Band Booster Kit.
  • A Sleek Dual-Band (800/1900 MHz) SmarTech III Booster Kit (Includes: Sleek Booster 460006, 5V/1A DC/DC Vehicle Power Supply 859963, Mini Magnet Antenna 301126 w/Extra Sleek Arms and Large T Slot mount)
  • Drive 3G S single-user cradle-booster (470106)
  • weBoost 470106 drive 3g-s car / truck cell phone booster

When there is a problem of weak signals, the best solution is to use the Drive 3G-S weboost 470106 Dual-Band Booster Kit. It amplifies the signals with the help of an antenna which is actually attached outside of your vehicle. Now what does this dual band cradle signal boosters do? Dual band cradle signal booster develops a strong connection with a cell tower and sustains this connection so you can use it without disconnecting issues. This ultimately enhances the download speed in areas where the signal quality is low.

The usage of Drive 3G-s weboost 47106 gives wide accessibility to the consumers. It can be easily transported from one vehicle to another. The weboost line-up includes products for a variety of applications, from vehicle boosters to kits for home, to powerful options for large office. The cradle offers an easy charging option for the users to charge their phone while it is on the booster cradle. Outer antenna not only provides better call quality, but it also offers a longer battery life for your phone.

It doesn’t matter that your service provider is in United States or Canada, weBoost drive 3G S improves your cellular coverage on the road. Placing your mobile in convenient booster cradle enables the Drive 3G-S to amplify the cellular signals in such an effective manner that it improves the voice quality and data connections. The Drive 3G-S is simply a best solution for mobile phone signal enhancement. It is suitable for almost all cellular devices which includes iPhones, BlackBerries, Samsungs and even tablets, mobile hotspots, MiFi devices, air cards, cellular data USB cards, cellular routers, etc.


In addition to sleek design, all of weBoost's amplifiers comply with the latest FCC regulations and feature innovative technology that allows the amplifiers to automatically adjust their power to avoid interference with cellular towers (unlike products that rely on physical knobs that must be manually adjusted by the user).

  • Weboost increases voice quality, other than iDen & WiMax and it supports all 2G and 3G for US and Canadian cellular carriers. It enables the consumers to experience enhanced signal for vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, RVs, and boats. Conversely allowing to reduce the ratio of dropped calls, bilaterally increasing the speed of data transfer, extending the range of signals, ultimately providing faster streaming, etc.
  • weBoost provides a comprehensive do-it-yourself kit, everything included, easy installation solution allowing for a single user for one cellular device to amplify signals both to and from the nearest wireless tower.
  • weBoost gives an output of power 20 times greater than the signal power of a cell phone i.e. Maximum 1800 milliwatts output power, and extending battery life of your cell phone. weBoost has adjustable arms to fit almost any cell phone. This cell phone signal booster is most affordable and popular 3G signal amplifier/ booster for a single user in a vehicle.
  • How do weBoost 470106 Drive 3 G-S signal boosters work?

    It receives the weak signals from the mobile tower of the service provider even if very far, with the help of high gain antenna and transfers them into strong signals by amplifying it many times with WeBoost’s patented SmarTech III technology. Then it draws that signal into your car or any other vehicle you are using and then onto your smartphone. The procedure it follows for making your life easier can be considered as a magic. One advice is that for better quality of signals, your phone should be placed in the cradle.

    Who should use WE Boost 470106 Drive 3 G-S signal booster? WEBoost 3G-S Signal booster is designed for everybody who needs to have strong signals for their mobile phone because they face a problem of low signal quality. Normally it is observed that people who travel very frequently encounter the problem whereby the mobile signals gets very weak in certain locations where the towers of the service providers are very far. Therefore, the mobile phones are not able to receive signals in such distant areas. These people need to be in contact with their family, office and friends and due to this problem they are unable to do that. weboost-470106-drive-3g-s-car-truck-cell-phone-signal-booster has been designed especially for these people in mind. With this device, they can easily enjoy the best of signal quality for better phone calls, texting, browsing Internet, streaming videos, and downloading whatever they want. Ultimately, this reduces the distances between loved ones, theoretically.

    Location Availability

    The weBoost 470106 Drive 3G-S signal booster targets the US and Canadian native users. But it may also work in other countries where the range of frequencies lies between 800 and 1900 MHz. What you need to do is to confirm that your desired service provider should provide this range of frequencies. In other regions like Asia, Europe and Africa, different ranges of frequencies are used as compared to the North American region. Therefore weBoost Drive 3G-S signal booster would not work in those regions with other frequency bands being used by local wireless service providers. To confirm that WE Boost 470106 Drive 3G-S signal booster will work in your area or not, you need to make sure that which range of frequencies are being used in your area.

    Top 5 Benefits:

    1) WeBoost devices remove the hurdles of dropped calls and distorted signals. Poor reception of signals while travelling are common complaints. WE Boost 470106 Drive 3G-S signal booster ameliorates the quality of call during travelling. The supreme benefit which WEBoost 470106 Drive 3G-S signal booster provides during travelling is improved quality of signals and frequency range. Signal theft cannot occur because WE Boost 470106 Drive 3G-S signal booster brings signals from the height of 3 feet by making a strong connection with your service provider.

    weBoost 470106 Drive 3 G-S signal boosters reduce the rate of dropped calls. It does not matter if you are using an expensive mobile phone or an economical one. But if you don’t have the WE Boost 470106 Drive 3G-S signal booster, you may face this problem in certain areas. External antenna of weBoost 470106 Drive 3G-S kit is installed easily on the roof of the vehicle with the help of the magnetic mount on the roof of the vehicle. It can also be attached to the window of the vehicle. In both the cases, your device will receive strengthened signals and provide you the luxury of enjoying uninterrupted phone calls.

    While using weBoost 470106 Drive 3G-S signal booster, you don’t have to worry about the signal quality. It provides you the best signal quality which you may have never experienced before. This ultimately results into fewer dropped calls, as this drive kit gets connected to the next tower very quickly when it leaves the range of the previous one. You can say that you are carrying the strong cell signals with you from one place to another.

    2) This signal booster provides you another benefit: Long battery life. Any mobile phone consumes most of its battery in roaming, in searching for tower of the service provider for the reception signals. During travel, it therefore does not provide good battery life as it should. But when it gets such a strong signals thanks to the reception enhancer, it does not consume as much battery which results in a longer battery life. Now you can use your cell phone in other ways also e.g. playing songs, watching movies, downloading videos, capturing your good moments with its camera and you can do your office work on Internet, because it gives you longer battery life and allows you to perform these activities on it.

    3) Since this cradle booster is a portable and small device, it is very easy to move it from one car to another car very conveniently. In short, you can easily be connected to your office, friends, and relatives wherever you take your car.

    4) Cradle booster provides you such a crystal clear voice quality, that you may have never experienced such clarity before in your life when using a smart phone. It provides you such strong signals that you would rarely face a bad voice quality. Another benefit of using signal boosters is that it enables your mobile phone to deliver text messages very fast.

    5) weBoost Drive kit gives you faster uploads, downloads and streaming Internet so you can enjoy all the luxuries of your smartphone during your journey.


    The installation process of Drive 3G-S is quick and simple. It can be installed with the help of minimum tools. All you need to do is fix it inside your vehicle. After doing this, you simply install antenna outside on vehicle’s roof. Then the antenna cable can be connected to amplifier inside the vehicle. There is a cigarette lighter in all the cars; it works like an electricity socket in the installation. The amplifier gets the electricity power from it and amplifies the signals to the device. This is the step by step installation process which will help you install this device. Antennae search for the tower of your service provider, whichever tower provides the strongest signals - It draws the signals from that tower.

    What is included in the complete kit?

    1) WE Boost 470106 Drive 3 G-S signal boosters Amplifier

    2) Outside Magnetic Mount Antenna

    3) Adhesive Mount

    4) Cigarette Lighter Power Supply

    5) Installation Guide


    weBoost 470106 Drive 3 G-S signal boosters boost voice quality and enhance 3G Internet wireless transfer speeds on all smartphones. It can be used for vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, boats, etc. If a single user is using the device, their phone must be placed in the cradle. Provides up to 26 dB (decibel) gain. It is very easy to install the complete kit. It extends battery life of your cell phone. weBoost 3 G-S signal boosters are the most affordable 3G car cell phone signal boosters with no sales tax charged for from outside Texas, and free shipping offered as a bonus.

    Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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