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Cut the Cord, Save Money on Satellite TV, Cable TV.

Posted by on Feb 12, 2017

Today, we’re covering how you can cut the cord on satellite and cable TV to save some money, and free up your life!

This post is specifically about how to cut the cord for your TV but we've got videos covering how to cut the cord for your phone or your internet as well so check out one of the following links:

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Save money and start streaming.

Let us talk about your TV. This is the first thing that most people think of, when they think about cutting the cord. You can get rid of your satellite or your cable subscription and save a lot of money every month and not have to deal with long-term contracts. There're numerous streaming options available like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Prime video, HBO Now, Showtime Anytime and Sling TV just to name a few. With all these streaming options available, choosing which one is right for you might be a tough decision. With many of these companies creating their own content, a decision can become even harder. Furthermore, you might need to get more than one. If you want to watch Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Transparent, then you're going to need to get subscriptions to HBO Now, Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

How do you stream all this content?

There're almost as many devices out there, as there are streaming services. Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku or your gaming console just to name a few. When deciding on which device is going to work for you, there're a number of things to consider: Price, available channels, what you're going to be streaming and additional features. For example, Apple TV currently doesn't support Amazon Prime video but you can play games on it and sort files on it. An Apple TV costs somewhere around $149 to $199. An Amazon Fire Stick on the other hand, may not be the best for gaming and you can't store files on it. However, it comes with some cool features like Alexa, X-ray and voice remote. It costs $49. Therefore, everything depends on your personal preferences or your needs.

Over the Air TV.

In addition to streaming services, there's also over the air HDTV which you can get for free. Many channels like ABC, Fox, NBC and many more broadcast over the air. The channels that are available in your area will just depend on where you're located. However, there're plenty of tools online which will show you the channels available in your area. Additionally, they show where nearby towers are located so that you can orient your antenna towards that tower and get the best results. To get this to work for you, all you will need to do is pick up an antenna. They are generally pretty easy to install and usually quite inexpensive, at around $30.

Which set-up should you get?

Now that you have got a basic understanding of the different streaming options and devices available, then it just comes down to your personal preference. What is important to you and what will you be streaming? If you’re a sports nut, then maybe a subscription to Sling TV and a Roku box will be all that you need. If you love movies but you need to see the latest news as well, then maybe an HDTV antenna, coupled with Amazon Fire Stick and a Netflix account will be the perfect fit. If you're a gamer, then the PlayStation 4 will stream all the channels you want to watch as well as allow you to play the latest video games. Assessing the situation and figuring out what is important to you is going to help you find the perfect device and the perfect streaming option.

View the video provided above for more detailed information and illustration of the tips provided on how to cut the cord and save money on your home satellite and cable TV.

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