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Cutting the Cord and Saving Money on Home Internet bills!

Posted by on Feb 28, 2017

Would you like to cut out an extra internet bill each month? You can, by cutting the cord and using your cell phone as your internet source. Get quick and easy instructions with video illustration showing how Cutting the Cord and Saving Money on Home Internet bills is downright EASY!

This post is specifically about how to cut the cord for your home Internet but we have got videos covering how to cut the cord for your landline home phone and your cable TV/ satellite TV as well, so check out one of the following links:

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Why cut the cord on Home Internet?

We're not suggesting that you cut Internet out entirely and move to an island and become isolated from society. Instead, we're talking about how you can cut an extra bill (your internet bill) from the long list of bills you have to pay every month. Everyone has a cell phone and most cell phones these days are capable of producing a Wi-Fi hotspot. Therefore, it is not that big of a jump to go from your regular internet source to using your hotspot as your access point to the internet. A lot of times the high speed LTE network on your phone is faster than your home internet anyway! Surprised? Read on.

When is the best time to cut the cord?

When would it make sense to do this? You will need to assess your situation and make sure this is right for you and also look at the different plans available from your cell service carrier to make sure that it is financially feasible as well. If you browse the Internet, send emails and maybe stream the occasional Netflix movie, then you're the perfect candidate. If you're a heavy online gamer then maybe not so much. Switching over to cellular based internet can cut out an extra bill every month even if you need to bump up to the next plan with more data - You can still save a lot more than you may think.

How much data do you use each month?

If you’re not sure how much data you're using, that is easy to find out. On your smart phone, go into "Settings" icon and you can see how much data you have used for a given month. On your computer, you can install a bandwidth monitor. Many of these're free and there're lots of options available. You can also check on your router. This will allow you to see all the data going through it from all the different devices. Some routers have monitoring software on them already or you can always install third-party software on your router to get an idea of how much data you're using. Do a test for a month and find out exactly how much data you're using. Or simply call your home internet provider and ask them how much data you use each month. If amount of data you're using fits within the plan from your cellular service carrier, then go for it!

What about if you live in an area where you have got poor cell coverage at home?

You're out of luck, right? Wrong. With a cell phone signal booster, you can easily resolve that situation. A cell phone signal booster will give you a strong reliable coverage within your home so anyone within your home or within the boosted range of that cell phone booster will be able to stream data, send text or make calls.

View the video provided above for more information and illustration of tips provided on how to cut the cord for your home or small business office Internet service.

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