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Debunking the Myths about Cell Phone Signal Booster Systems.

Posted by on Sep 25, 2016

Learn about the myths surrounding cell phone signal booster systems in commercial spaces. Be knowledgeable and make the right decision about your signal boosting equipment investment.

Having an unreliable cell phone connection in a work environment is not only bad for communication, it is really bad for your business. By installing a commercial cell phone signal booster system, you would ensure that communications in your work environment are reliable and that an issue of spotty cell service will be instantly resolved.

As with most new technologies, there're lots of questions and doubts that arise about the effectiveness of cell phone signal boosters. See below for some of the myths about these boosters. We do our best to separate fact from fiction.

True facts about cell phone signal boosters

Myth: The Only Boosting Solution That Actually Works Is a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Solution.

A lot of businesses assume a technology called as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is the best available solution for amplifying cell phone signal within a commercial environment because of its complexity and also because of the fact that it is so expensive.

Now, it is certainly true that DAS enhances the cellular signals at the workplace. However, the complexity and high cost of wiring and integration makes DAS an unrealistic option for many employers, hotels, hospitals, and educational institutions. DAS is also an extremely challenging system to integrate when completing a retrofit project.

A freestanding system, for example, a Wilson Pro 70 signal booster, on the other hand, is capable of offering full bar voice and data service to all cell phone users within your building at just a fraction of the cost of a DAS installation – 10% or less. In addition, the setup and maintenance are relatively simple when compared to the challenges of DAS wiring. Unlike DAS, all WilsonPro solutions can be easily integrated with the utilities, as well as with wireless and broadband providers.

Myth: My Current Wi-Fi Will Be Sufficient.

It is true that wireless internet services within office environments have improved when it comes to providing faster data speeds throughout office spaces, but they are definitely no substitute for a wireless telephone service.

Many businesses now use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone services, which virtually eliminates hardwired connections by using their existing Wi-Fi systems. But there're shortcomings with this type of technology, and anyone who has experienced a total communications outage due to system crash or the Wi-Fi going down will know what we're talking about.

So, instead of leaving your employees stranded and unable to receive or make important business, data, or email communications, why not guarantee that your employees will always be connected? How? By installing a system which will electronically amplify your cell phone carrier's 4G LTE signals. When your staff are always connected, productivity receives a huge boost!

Myth: My Current Wi-Fi Will Be Degraded by a Cell Phone Signal Booster.

It is true that some of the cellular signal booster systems provided by carriers themselves piggyback the cell signals by using your in-house Wi-Fi as an electronic platform; and yes, this can pose a possible intrusion on the effectiveness of your Wi-Fi resources.

The most effective solutions are ones that work on their own, picking up environmental signals from all the major cell phone towers and boosting those signals. This process works in reverse, with voice and data streams from these same cell phones being amplified and sent back to those towers.

When you install a commercial cell phone booster system from us, it automatically frees up your own bandwidth for regular workplace applications. This means your boosted phone signals are capable of serving an even broader area within a commercial space – whether it is a sprawling educational building or a high-rise office complex.

Myth: Commercial Cell Phone Signal Boosters Are Illegal.

There's a lot of confusion about cell phone signal boosting systems and whether it is even legal to have a signal boosting system installed in your workplace. This is understandable, certainly when we understand the complexity of the electronic communications business.

Obviously, individual cell phone companies would prefer that you install their own brand of signal booster systems, and many of the larger carriers do offer booster solutions for enhancing their own signals.

And therein lies the difference! Wilson Pro Commercial Cell Phone Signal Boosters take in and improve the signals of all carriers, both large and small, thus offering all the people within your work environment equal access to the carrier signal of their choice.

Why You Should Choose a Wilson Pro Cell Phone Signal Booster System?

WilsonPro’s cell phone signal booster systems are all FCC certified, and approved for use by all carriers. This means that it is legal to use a WilsonPro cellphone signal boosting system in your workplace. It is understandable that individual cell phone carriers would prefer for you to choose a booster system designed for their brand only, but realistically, carrier-agnostic signal booster solutions are much fairer as they provide a better cellular service to everyone in a work environment.

If you're interested in finding out more about Wilson Pro's solutions for enhancing cell phone signals in your work environment, please contact us today.

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