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Decibel Gain (dB Gain) and How It Impacts Mobile Reception.

Posted by on Jul 08, 2016

dB Gain: Strengthening Your Smartphone's Connection To The Cellular Network.

Let us make Decibel Gain (dB Gain) very and plain and simple for you to understand. The signal strength of your cell phone is measured in decibels. Memorize the first magic number, "-50 dB" which usually represents a good signal (full bars). Then memorize the second magic number, "-110 dB" which typically means that you’re in a dead zone – there’s virtually no signal. Therefore, the closer your devices's signal detection level is to "-50" (or closer to zero if that is easier to remember), the better the signal detection or reception your device experiences. This measurement is true across all cellular devices such as cell phones and tablets, and across all mobile carriers all across the world!

Decibel Gain Results in Better Cellular Signal

When mobile users encounter lost connections, dropped calls, and slow Internet, they’re usually near the -110 dB zone; which explains why the use of cell phone signal boosters has become so popular, together with the rapid increase in use of cellular devices, such as smart phones. With a cell phone signal booster, the decibel level can be boosted closer to the -50 dB zone, resulting in 3G and 4G LTE achieving a better signal and connection. This enables clearer conversations on cell phones and faster uploads and downloads of data packets that stream Internet to and from the mobile device.

Fact: Signal bars are NOT an accurate means to detect actual cell phone signal.

When you look at your cell phone you will instantly be able to see the number of bars of service you have, and this is typically the way users determine their signal strength.Unfortunately, this measurement differs from carrier to carrier. What might be one bar on Verizon Wireless could well be four bars on Sprint, despite the fact that they are both receiving the same signal and the same data speed. This occurs because there’s no set standard on how companies should represent signal bars. Therefore, a more technical and much more accurate method is to look at the signals being received in decibels.

Locating the Decibel Reading on Your Phone.

It is actually quite simple to find the decibel reading on your cell phone. It usually involves typing a few keys on your cell phone keypad.

• On Apple's iPhones, simply dial 3001#12345# then press, "Call" button. This will put your cell phone in the Field Test mode. You will see the decibel reading on the upper left-hand side of the screen, and it will show the number of bars if you tap on the value. Now you will have an understanding of what your carrier considers to be 1, 2, 3, 4, or full bars.

• With Android phones, go to "Settings", then "General", then "About Phone", then "Status or Network (depending on Android model and version), and you will be able to see your phone’s signal strength.

Learn How to Read and Understand DB Gain and its Impact.

When choosing a cell phone signal booster, you will need to check the amplifier’s dB gain rating. The power of amplification is defined by unit of measurement known as dB gain. For example, we know that a +20 dB gain is more powerful in a +17 dB gain, and with dB gain being measured exponentially, it means there’s a very big difference between a +17 and a +20 dB gain. In fact, it is double the power! Basically, every +3 dB gain means the signal strength is doubled; and every +10 dB means 10 times the signal strength. Therefore, 20 dB gain equals 100 times more powerful! In real world terms, what would be the difference between an amplifier that offers 70 dB Gain versus an amplifier that offers 75 dB Gain? That is right, it is huge: 75 dB amplifier is over twice more powerful than a 70 dB amplifier! This is why we list the dB rating beside each amplifier when you browse our indoor amplifiers as well as vehicle amplifiers.

Let us make a comparison. The weBoost 470108 Drive 4G-M with a +50 dB gain is our best-selling car signal booster due to its low cost and ability to boost signal substantially, while the weBoost 471104 Connect 4G-X with a +70 dB gain is our bestselling home amplifier which is expensive but provides a huge boost indoors. So now we know that there’s a big difference between a +50 and +70 dB gain, but you may be surprised at exactly how much bigger the difference in power actually is.

With +3 dB gain being two times the power of signal strength, +10 dB gain equals 10 times the power. Therefore, +20 dB gain equals 100 times the power. This means that the weBoost 471104 Connect 4G-X is a whopping 100 times more powerful than the weBoost 470108 Drive 4G-M! Because this is a signal booster for buildings, it obviously needs more power to cover the entire building or home, but other factors need to be considered as well, such as building material interference and the distance from tower and outside. Therefore, the signal strength isn’t really a guarantee, but it is a close estimate of what you might receive.

Therefore, when you’re looking for a cellphone signal booster you need to look for dB gain, because there’s an enormous amount of difference in power between a +65 (65 dB Gain amplifier) and a +70 dB gain amplifier kit. In fact, it is more than three times the power and signal amplification! This insight should help you make the best purchasing decision by balancing the need factor (how bad is your reception, and how badly do you need to improve it?) which could be tremendous if your income depends upon it if you have a home office or basement office, and the cost factor (what is your budget for this expense?). Either way, we offer 60 days money back guarantee to help you with more time to rectify any error in making your purchase decision.

See below for a quick reference guide showing the dB gain and amount of power amplified:

DB Gain: Power Increase:
3 dB. Twice the power.
6 dB. 4 times the power.
10 dB. 10 times the power.
12 dB. 16 times the power.
20 dB. 100 times the power.

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