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​Does your Business require a Wilson Pro Commercial Amplifier?

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016

How frustrated are you at the poor cell phone signals that you, your employees, and your visitors have had to endure at your commercial building for so many years? If you’ve done some research, you may know that a commercial grade cell phone amplifier system could well be the answer to your company’s connectivity problems. Below, we list the problems you’re probably experiencing right now, and tell you why you’re ready for WilsonPro’s commercial reception amplifier solutions.

Wilson Pro Amplifier

Constant Call Dropouts.

Are dropped calls a part of your everyday experience at the office? Do you receive complaints from clients and family members about how frustrating it is to call you at work because of poor call quality, or worse, no reception at all? Do these problems occur over areas that exceed 10,000 sq. ft.?

If yes, a commercial Wilson Pro amplifier is the answer to your problem. A cell booster picks up the existing cell phone waves from outside and uses its antenna amp. system to amplify their power by as much as 32 times, so that everyone within the building will have a crystal clear call quality with a five-bar signal strength depending upon outside reception strength.

Are You Always Searching for a Signal?

Do you and your employees spend much of your time trying to locate a stronger cell phone signal? Do you find yourself walking to the front door, windows, the loading dock, patios, or for that matter any other location outside the building with the hope of getting a more powerful signal? Do you find too many of your employees walking across the sidewalk outside the office, just to make important business calls?

We understand how frustrating this can be. We realize you’d rather have your employees stay focused on their job, than being on a permanent quest to find a reliable signal to make a phone call. Well, a reception amplifying system should resolve your reception problems, magically turning almost any location in the workspace, such as conference rooms, cubicles and desks, into full signal zones.

What Causes the Lack of Cell Phone Reception?

Sometimes, it is simply the building’s construction materials that are blocking the radio wave-based cell phone reception. The same materials that create an energy efficient building have unfortunate side-effect on cellular reception. It becomes very hard for wireless waves that you cannot see, to reach your smart phones and tablets if your building is made of concrete, brick, masonry, metal, and other heavy duty insulating materials.

These building materials are very effective when it comes to reducing utility bills, but they can potentially block both incoming and outgoing electronic communication. One solution is to install a freestanding commercial cellular amplifying system within the office: It is almost like installing a virtual cell phone tower within the walls of your building.

We Need to Be Connected!

Your customers are exactly the same as you: We’re all part of the smartphone reliant society, and depend on a clear cell service wherever we go – including within your business premises. Today, more and more businesses use company-issued smartphones and tablets as their principal means of communication with their employees. Not many prefer to use the expensive hard-wired phone systems of old anymore, that require us to be beside our desks all the time.

Have you ever been to an office where the Wi-Fi was down and the Internet-based VoIP phone system wasn’t operational? Having a full-strength cell phone antenna bars is just as important, as employees have to attend to daily conference calls, upload documents, stay connected with emails, and so on. A commercial cell phone booster system works independently of the Wi-Fi setup, which means that you will always stay connected even if broadband wi-fi goes down or offline.

Is Your Business the Right Candidate for a Signal Boosting Solution?

Some businesses don’t have the freedom to mount an antenna outside their building, and this includes companies that have offices on the higher floors of commercial buildings and in shared spaces. However, if you are in a position where you can make some external modifications, however minor, then having a completely inconspicuous antenna belonging to a cell phone booster installed could well be the answer you’re looking for. It would substantially improve your cell phone data and voice service.

Have You Recently Installed a Cellular-Based Security System?

And finally, if you have installed a cellular-based security system recently, but find that your employees and visitors still can’t reliably lock down a strong connection from the nearest towers, then you should consider installing a digitally enhanced cell phone service, such as a commercial cell amplifier kit. It has the power to pick signals from the nearby towers and enhance them for all users, and this means connecting strongly to networks for all local carriers as well such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.

If you can relate to these workplace challenges, then maybe it is time to consider installing a WilsonPro solution. Contact us today or visit Wilson Pro Amplifier section of our website to choose from a range of systems that can address cellular reception challenges you face in your building.

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