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Easy Installation Steps for RV Cell Phone Booster.

Posted by on May 06, 2017

Become RV cell phone signal booster installation Pro, by learning how to install the cell phone signal booster for RV. Watch the video for easy to follow instructions.

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Today, we will show you how to install the Drive 4GX RV in a recreational vehicle. If this task seems daunting at first, don't worry. We make the process simple to follow. Installation can be accomplished easily for most people. To see the full installation process, see the video shown above. This booster works in any type of RV - Class A, Class C, Towables, and Toy Haulers. The same process will apply no matter which type of R. V. you own.

Components of RV Cell Phone Booster Kit.

The part name is Drive 4GX RV and the part number is weBoost 470410. The kit comes with an amplifier unit that looks like a black box. It contains an outside antenna kit and an inside antenna. It has 20 feet of coaxial cable for connecting outside antenna to signal amplifier. It has 13 feet of coax cable for connecting inside antenna to amplifier. It has a 110 volt power supply and a 12 volt hardwired power supply. Installation supplies include cable mounts and ties. There's also weatherproof cable entry cover included. Basically, everything you need to complete a professional installation is in the retail box.

How do signal boosters work?

They capture the cellular signal outside of your RV using outside antenna. The signal is then passed inside to the signal booster or "amplifier" which then "amplifies" the signal and sends it to the inside antenna. Interior antenna then broadcasts that stronger signal inside your RV. The process is then reversed when you place a call. Then booster sends a stronger signal back to the cell tower keeping you connected. To make installation even easier, we have labeled each step on the individual components of your Drive 4G-X RV cell phone booster kit.

Main RV Cell Booster Installation.

Follow these directions step-by-step and you will be up and running in no time. To start, remove install box A. This contains components for steps 1, 2, 3, 6 & 8.

Step 1: Installing outside antenna.

Unlike previous versions of RV boosters, this new RV booster kit includes an omnidirectional outside antenna. This means it catches cell signal from 360 degrees around it. Therefore, there's no need to aim or point antenna towards the cell tower. Mount outside antenna to a pole or ladder. The entire outside antenna needs to be above the roof line of the RV and clear of any metal obstruction. The higher you can get the antenna, the better. Obstacles like trees and hills block the signal from reaching the antenna. Therefore, the higher you can get the antenna, the better the signal you will receive.

Please make sure to stay below the max height limit allowed by law in your state. Generally, this is 14 feet in western states and 13 feet six inches in eastern states. Mount the outside antenna on the driver side of the RV. Generally, you're less likely to hit overhanging branches or other items on the driver side. Use the included bracket to attach it securely to the RV. Place the bracket next to a pole or ladder. Slide the U-bolt around the pole and through the bracket. Then secure it in place with the washers and nuts.

Outside antenna must be mounted vertically.

Do not mount your antenna horizontally or at an angle. Some RV ladders tilt in at an angle at the top. Do not mount your antenna that way. Doing so will decrease the performance of your booster. Instead, mount the antenna on opposite side of the ladder if it is vertical. Or elsewhere to ensure a proper vertical orientation. Your RV must have a ladder or pole or vent pipe on the roof. If not, you will need to create a mounting point for your antenna.

Some ideas on how to create a mounting point.

A simple L bracket and VHB tape can be found at nearly any hardware store. This will allow you to mount antenna in a number of ways. You can mount a "L" bracket to the side of your RV above the roof line with VHB tape. Then you can attach antenna to the "L bracket". You can also mount included antenna bracket to the side of an AC unit using VHB tape.

Another trick we have seen used to achieve maximum height is to mount antenna on a telescoping pole attached to the RV. As you travel, the antenna is below the max height limit. But when you get to your location, you can extend the pole and get the antenna high into the air for even better reception in extremely remote areas or areas with extremely poor exterior signal. However you install the outside antenna, ensure that it is above the roofline of the RV. Furthermore, please ensure that it is above any obstructions like AC units and ceiling vents.

Step 2: Creating a cable entry point.

Do a soft install first by simply running the cable inside your RV through a window or door. Connect all the components together. Test the system. Drill a hole in exterior of your RV to permanently run the cable. Be sure to stay clear of any power cables and gas vent or water lines in the walls of the RV. You can also run the cable into the RV through existing entry points or through a vent or other opening if available.

Step 3: Run the cable into the RV.

Connect the RG6 cable to the outside antenna. Route it through the rubber ring of the entry cable cover. Then run it into the newly drilled hole. Or run it through an existing entry point as described in Step 2. Now open up install box "B", containing Steps 4, 5 & 7.

Step 4: Installing amplifier unit.

When deciding where to install a signal booster or amplifier as it is commonly known, you will need to consider following factors. A. The booster requires adequate ventilation. B. It needs to be within reach of a source of either 110 volts or 12-volt power. C. It must also be within reach of both antenna cables. We recommend installing the booster in the cabinet that has a power source inside if available. With those requirements met, you can secure the signal booster in place. Remove the mounting bracket from the back of the booster and secure it to the wall. Then snap the booster back into the bracket.

Step 5: Connect the outside antenna cable.

Fasten the end of the outside antenna cable with a smaller SMA connection to the outside antenna port on the booster.

Step 6: Secure the outside antenna cable in place.

Pull the RG6 cable through the rubber gasket. Then put the cap of the entry cable cover in place with the cable exiting the bottom. Secure the cap in place with the screws. Use the cable mounts and ties to secure the cable to the RV. We recommend putting a loop going up to the cable entry hole to prevent moisture from entering the RV. We strongly recommend using a quality RTV sealant. This will prevent moisture, insects and dirt from getting inside your RV.

Step 7: Installing the inside antenna.

Connect the 13 feet RG58 cable to the inside antenna port on the booster. Route the cable where you want to receive the boosted signal. Then connect the inside antenna. Typically, the antenna will cover up to 10 feet away. Choose an area where you will be using your cellular device most often. The antenna can simply be placed on a counter or other flat surface.

You can also mount it upside down beneath the cabinet to clear up counter space. Just make sure that the antenna is mounted vertically (as shown in the video). Mounting the antenna horizontally will decrease the performance of the booster. Also avoid placing the inside antenna in a cabinet or behind an object. Anything that comes between your phone and the antenna weakens the signal.

Since RVs are mobile, you may want to secure the antenna in place. Some double-sided tape or industrial Velcro are easy to find at most hardware stores. This will keep your antenna in place despite swerving of vehicle when in motion. The desk-top antenna comes with a 3-inch pigtail that easily detaches from the antenna cable. You can quickly disconnect the antenna and stow it away when you travel.

The new RV booster is a mobile signal booster. As such, it will work while you drive as well as when you're parked. This is unique about this "weBoost Drive 4G-X RV" booster versus our earlier version, "weBoost RV 4G". You can move the inside antenna to different areas of your RV based on your need. It can be near the cab of your RV when you travel. Then it can be moved to the dining or living area when your recreational vehicle is stationary.

Step 8: Powering the booster kit.

Connect the 110-volt wall plug to power. Then plug it into the booster. The booster will illuminate the light on the front indicating how it is performing. Green light means that everything is working great. Orange light means it has cut back its gain due to oscillation. Red light means that it has shut off. A fusable 12-volt hardwired power supply is also included. Therefore, you can hardwire this into your RV's electrical system for always-on set-up.

After installing per above installation instructions, your Drive 4GX RV will be up and running providing you with boosted cell signal. Signal boosters use existing cell signal to provide you with improved cell coverage inside of your RV. The coverage area inside of your RV will depend on the available cell signal in an area. A signal booster can't make signal out of nothing. With a very weak signal outside of the RV, you may need to be closer to the inside antenna to stay connected. However, if there's a reasonable amount of signal outside of the RV, the booster will provide coverage up to 10 feet away.

Hopefully, this has helped you install your Drive 4GX RV easily. If you would like to see this, checkout the actual video provided above. Contact us if you need assistance.

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