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​Excellence in cell phone signal boosters

Posted by on May 22, 2015

Excellent cell phone signal boosters

weBoost is definitely the leader in wireless communications: their goal is simple - to make your cellular signal more reliable. A weBoost amplifier is a product that offers unparalleled cellular connectivity solutions for your home, car, workplace, and even for machine-to-machine connections. Through both data and voice, weBoost amplifiers offer cell phone users much greater control of their cellular devices. 

Who Needs a Cell Phone Signal Booster?  

Every weBoost cell phone signal booster is designed to tackle the two main factors causing poor cell phone reception: they’re created to amplify weak outside signals and bypass obstructions; thus providing a strong internal signal. They work by an outside antenna passing the signal (by cable) to a signal amplifier inside the building. Once the signal has been amplified, it’s sent to the internal antenna where it’s broadcast out to the area requiring improved reception. And it works in reverse: the signal from your phone is amplified and broadcast back to the tower, thus ensuring excellent two-way communication. 

The Goal of Cell Phone Signal Boosters  

Their goal is to take an existing cell signal from outside your vehicle, office, or home, amplify it, then broadcast it to the area with a weak or no signal. This system will include an external antenna, the amplifier, and an internal antenna – all connected by cable. For this system to work there has to be an existing, stable signal to receive. The cell phone signal booster is not able to create a signal: they can only amplify and transmit cell phone signals. If you’re unable to have an external antenna in an area that has an existing stable signal, then the cell phone signal booster will be of no use to you. 

The FCC  

The FCC has now formally approved consumer's use of cell phone signal boosters in the United States. In addition, the FCC instituted checks to make sure signal boosting equipment doesn’t interfere with carrier networks, and this includes the registration of cell phone signal boosters with the carrier it will be used with.

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