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FAQ's about weBoost signal booster warranty program

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015

All weBoost signal booster kits and antennas come with a 2-year warranty. However, you may be wondering what exactly does this mean?

Some people may know what a warranty is, but there may also be some people that don’t. You may have heard the word come from a cashier after you’ve made a purchase on a new type of technology, but just gave them an “Oh, great,” and moved on. With a new gadget to try, you probably didn’t care about any of that little extra stuff. So what’s a warranty and why should you care whether or not weBoost Signal Boosters have one?

A Warranty

A warranty is defined as a “representation . . . made by a seller or company to a purchaser of a product or service that a refund, repair, or replacement will be made if the product or service proves defective or unsatisfactory, especially within a given time period.” It is also defined as “An assurance by the seller of property that the goods or property are as represented or will be as promised” (“Warranty”).

So let’s make this into a picture that’s easier to understand.  Imagine the following scenario:

You really want to watch a DVD from the comfort of your bed, but your DVD player is broken. You go out to the store and buy a new one. You pay for your new DVD player and the cashier never mentions a warranty. You go home and open up your DVD player. Once everything is set up, you put in your DVD and get ready to watch it. However, it doesn’t play!

Not only doesn’t it play, but for some reason the DVD player power button won’t turn off and you can’t eject your disk without unplugging the entire thing. Something is terribly wrong with this thing and you clearly need a refund. So you take it back to the store and ask for your money back and a new DVD player (that actually works!). However, in response they say, “Sorry, I can’t help you. The DVD player has no warranty so we’re not responsible for whether it works or not. If you want a new DVD player, you have to buy one.”

Wouldn’t that be outrageous? This is an extreme example, but you can see why a warranty matters when purchasing a product. Without it, you have no guarantee that what you buy is going to work. You also have no guarantee that you can get your money back or a new product if it doesn’t.

Why A Warranty Matters

A warranty matters because it does three things:

·       It gets you your money back (though these offers only last for a certain time period - We offer 60 days time period).

·       It takes the responsibility off of you if the product doesn’t work and puts it on the seller.

·       It guarantees you a replacement or a repair for the product (if the money-back time has passed and then you can replace the product with another one or get it repaired).

So overall, a warranty keeps you from spending extra money and guarantees that you get the product you need. 

weBoost Signal Booster Warranty

So what does this mean for the weBoost Signal Booster warranty? This means that this product is guaranteed to work like it’s supposed to (to solve your signal issues). It also means that if your weBoost Signal Booster has any issues at any time during the warranty time period , then you can:

·       Ask for your money back (within the money-back time period of 60 days)

·       Ask for a repair

·       Ask for a replacement

That way you can get the help you need, without having to pay any extra money out of your pocket.

What Is Important to Know About A Warranty

While a warranty does protect you if you need a new device or your money back for a defective product, it includes things you need to be aware of (things that will get in the way of getting your money back or getting a new product).

Some of the things you need to be aware of are the following:

·       The time limit (weBoost Signal Booster warranties have a specific money-back time period which is sixty days if purchased from us and a specific warranty time period which is two years by the manufacturer directly)

·       The required receipt or proof of purchase (weBoost Signal Booster warranties require a proof of purchase with returns and warranty-related repairs or replacements)

·       Exceptions (for weBoost Signal Booster warranties there are a few exceptions that can refuse or void a warranty)

·       Requirements (for a weBoost Signal Booster, you MUST use a surge protected AC Power Strip with at least a 1000 Joule rating or it will VOID your warranty - this power strip will either come within the kit or can bought separately)

With these things said, the time limit and the exceptions are pretty straightforward for a weBoost Signal Booster warranty.

The Specifics

60 Day-Money Back Guarantee

All weBoost products purchased from this website are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee . If anytime within those 60 days the performance of your weBoost product (be it signal booster, antenna, etc.) is unacceptable, the product can be returned and you can be refunded . However, you must have your proof of purchase.

2-Year Warranty

WeBoost Signal Boosters and kits (kits contain signal boosters, antennas, and cables) are warranted for 2 years against defects in workmanship and/or materials .


Warranty issues can be resolved by returning the product directly to the reseller (where you purchased the product, e.g. Best Buy) with a dated proof of purchase.

Signal boosters and kits can also be returned directly to the manufacturer (weBoost) at the consumer’s expense, with a dated proof of purchase and a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number supplied by weBoost (a number that they’ll get from weBoost after calling to report the defective product). weBoost then will decide to either repair or replace the product. weBoost will also pay for the delivery of the repaired product back to the original consumer if located in the United States (they do not ship internationally, so you’re better off returning the product to the reseller if bought outside USA).


These are the things you need to know about when the weBoost Signal booster warranty does, and does not apply.

The warranty DOES apply when:

·       The consumer tries to return a non-packaged product (any item they bought separate from a kit, such as a signal booster, antenna, cable, etc.)

·       The consumer tries to return a full signal booster kit

The warranty does NOT apply when:

·    weBoost determines that the signal booster or kit has been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect or mishandling that has altered or damaged physical or electronic properties (the product or its capabilities)

·    When the consumer tries to return a single item (e.g. an antenna, signal booster, or cable) within a kit (All weBoost kits are intended for resale and use as a single unit, so they must be returned with all pieces of the kit rather than just the defective single product. Trying to return a piece of the kit on its own is called “de-kitting” and these “de-kitted” products will not be eligible for return for any reason.)

So as long as you return your product as you bought it (in the kit or on its own) and don’t damage it yourself, you have nothing to worry about, when it comes to getting your warranty. Also make sure that you have your proof of purchase and handle the return within the time period, so that you won’t have any further issues.


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