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Find Cell Phone Tower Easily With Powerful Tools.

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016

Powerful tools are now available to help you find the nearest cell phone tower in your immediate vicinity, easily! Know its location and use that knowledge to enjoy better reception with ease.

Tools for finding cell phone towers

Using Google maps, it is very simple to locate nearby cell towers. In this post we will cover the following.

  • Locating your tower in order to improve cell phone reception.
  • Helpful websites for locating cell towers.
  • A video on locating your nearest cell tower.

In the past we have discussed 10 tips for immediately improving poor cell phone reception. As mentioned in that post, locating your nearest cell tower is probably the simplest and most helpful way of improving cell reception. Once you have that location, now you know from which direction your signal is coming! Having this information means that you can effectively implement the suggestions from our earlier post. Now that you know where your cell signal is coming from, you will understand why you have such poor reception and be able to examine ways of improving it.

Tools for Locating Your Cell Tower.

By "cell" tower we’re referring to your carrier’s tower, which is the tower that provides your cell phone with a signal so that you have service. Generally, this will be the tower that is closest to your location, but the question is: "How do you locate it?" Well, there are actually some good (free) resources to help you locate your closest tower.

• Perhaps the first one that comes to mind is antennasearch.com. You simply enter your street address and you will receive a list of all towers within a 3-mile radius. Plus, all towers will be plotted on Google Maps. The address will be displayed for all towers registered with a street address.

You will have to use GPS coordinates if no street address was declared when the tower was registered. Other data can also be used, such as the owner of the tower, height of the tower and the date of construction. The drawback to using this kind of information is that this is a very comprehensive database, which means that besides cell towers it also includes other local towers, such as private communication towers, radio and TV stations. This means you will have to search through quite a lot of information to find the tower your seeking.

cellreception.com is another very useful site. Simply enter your City and State, then click Go. You will receive the search results as a Google Maps display and all nearby towers will appear. The great thing about this site is its filtering capabilities: you have the ability to filter the display by carrier, which means that you can search for only Verizon towers, for example. And again, the filter feature is really useful because it is not just cell towers that will show up in the unfiltered results – it is all towers.

• A site that many people say is the best tool for finding towers is opensignal.com. On this site, you can toggle between a tower map which shows tower locations by carrier, and a coverage map which shows where the signal is likely to be weak or strong. This is a great feature and, unlike the other sites mentioned, it is only cell towers that are displayed on these maps. The GPS coordinates of the towers will display when you hover over a tower pin. With OpenSignal.com not only can you filter the tower map by carrier, you can also filter by technology generation, meaning 2G, 3G, and 4G service. It is a little disappointing that, when you use the carrier filter, it only displays one carrier’s towers at any one time. However, the tech gen filter is great because you can mix and match to reveal combinations of towers for 2G, 3G, and 4G.

You may be wondering if there are any phone apps for locating towers, but don’t worry because there are heaps of them. This will be the subject of a future blog post.

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