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Find the Best Location for Home or Building Signal Booster Antennae

Posted by on Dec 01, 2015

If you’re looking for the very best performance from your cell phone signal booster, you need to place your internal and external antennas in the best location - but where?

Simply buying a cell phone signal booster kit is not enough - you also need to put it in the very best location. First things first: you need to find out where your cell carrier's nearest tower is situated if you have a directional Yagi antenna to be installed outside your house or building.

Knowing where the tower is, makes it easy to know where to put your Yagi tower antenna (the one that looks triangular with one pointed tip cut off). Please note that there are two types of external antennas: uni-directional and omni-directional. No matter which you have, the best location is on the rooftop, where a clear reception without obstacles such as walls can be attained. Even small blocks can hinder cell reception, leading to a decrease in signal power.

However, this isn’t an option for everybody. The next best location is outside on the wall of the building. Again, facing the direction of your cell carrier's nearest tower. If your access to the wall is restricted, placing your antenna on the shelf of a window is a good second option.

After you have set up your outside antenna, it is time to set up your inside/ internal antenna. This is simple: Just place your internal antenna in the room or area of the property, where you need to boost your cell coverage.

You will either have a desktop antenna (flat surfaces, covers 1-2 rooms) or a panel antenna (wall or ceiling mounted, for larger area coverage). Simply place as necessary and you're ready to enjoy improved cell coverage!

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