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Five best 12 volt cell phone signal boosters for cars and trucks.

Posted by on Apr 23, 2016

While we can normally expect decent coverage for phone and internet in the home, sometimes it is not possible to receive the same coverage when we’re out and about on the road. Luckily, we have a run down of the five best 12 volt cell phone signal boosters for your car and truck.

12 volt cell phone signal boosters

1. weBoost Drive 4G-S 470107 Cradle Signal Booster Kit

A very cost effective cradle cell phone signal booster, this kit includes a cord that plugs into the 12v outlet. Simple and easy to install, it will extend the life of the battery as well as provide a strong signal for your cell phone. Ideal for the lone traveller or long distance trucker, the kit also comes with vehicle dash mounting bracket and adhesive. Boosted 3G & 4G signal provides clearer voice quality, instantaneous texting, and faster wireless Internet data transfer.

2. weBoost Drive 4G-X 470510 Most Powerful 4G Vehicle Booster Kit

There is no need for a cradle with this cell phone signal booster. Supporting multiple devices which is perfect for those long road trips, it has a 60% larger service range than other boosters. It is the most powerful weBoost 4G signal booster available. Purchase package comes with a DC/DC vehicle power supply 12V/3.3A. With improved text, talk, plus 3G and 4G internet speed, this is the most powerful and ideal driving companion for an individual or multiple passengers simultaneously.

3. weBoost RV 4G 470201 RV Booster Kit

The RV 4G is an extremely popular cell phone signal booster for those who own RVs and spend a lot of time in remote areas with poor cellular reception. The metal body of recreational vehicles makes it even worse to receive cellular reception inside to talk on the cell phone or use mobile internet. This booster kit requires no professional installation making it a very desirable product. The DC/DC twelve volt cord is compatible with RVs and once installed, it will boost the signal for a wide variety of mobile devices allowing for a more reliable and stronger signal. Other powering options include AC/DC power supply and a hardwired power supply option. It can provide up to 1,500 square feet of coverage inside an RV with a good reception outside. Watch RV cell phone signal booster video for more details.

4. weBoost Drive 3G-XM 470311 Marine Booster Kit

If you’re looking for to boost cellular reception in your boat or yacht, then this marine cell phone signal booster is for you. If you’re mainly concerned about preventing dropped calls, obtaining voice clarity, instant texting, and fast 3G data, this kit is ideal for your needs at a very good price. This kit will be able to boost both voice and 3G data signals. It is compatible with all carriers in USA and Canada. The booster will improve call performance and is better placed to handle those signal black spots. It is easy to install with DC to DC 12 volts power supply included. Since it draws signals from up to 60 % farther away, it will provide the user with a more efficient internet experience, meaning you can complete those important tasks on the move within your yacht, boat, or ship from farther away off-shore.

5. Value Priced Wilson Sleek 3G 460106 Cradle Booster Kit

This weBoost signal booster will increase the signal strength for both incoming and outgoing calls. It will also provide instantaneous texting. It will also enhance 3G wireless data transfer speeds. This unit is discontinued and selling at a bargain price of only $75. The only drawback is that it will not boost 4G LTE data speeds if you have a 4G phone. Therefore, if you don’t need high speed data when in your vehicle, this kit would be ideal for you and at a great value price. Battery life is significantly improved meaning that your device will operate far more efficiently. The kit won’t take up a lot of room inside your vehicle. The 12 volt cord will provide sufficient power to charge your device on the go.

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