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Four Corners Gas Drilling Project Installs Wilson Boosters.

Posted by on May 17, 2017

A gas drilling project consultant in Four Corners has Wilson cell phone signal boosters installed to resolve lack of cellular reception in remote areas.

Four Corners Gas Drilling Project Installs Wilson Boosters.

A Case Study.

A Four Corners area based consultant in a gas drilling project in a remote natural terrain location adopts a signal booster made by Wilson Electronics for amplification of the reduced signal making the geological site a communication hub.

Customer Details.

The San Juan Basin in the Four Corners region in South-western U.S. is a remote location in naturally tough terrain that hinders communication with outer world. Cellular devices could only detect the weakest of signals close to the work site. What was needed was a working cellular signal booster to boost communication within the site to save both money and time.

Major Concern.

Maintaining a working and reliable connection in the site was not possible and the detected weak signal was not helpful. Even the satellite phone used faced annoying delays. A cellular signal booster supporting all U.S. cell carriers in a remote area was highly needed.

Proposed Solution.

Wilson Electronics’ cell phone signal booster was adopted for installation due to its ability to amplify poor cellular signal providing cell phone coverage at the gas drilling test site.

About the Drilling Site.

Located in the Four Corners area of San Juan Basin in a rugged and rough terrain, the test site was in a poorly networked area in Mesa country in a canyon surrounded by ridges in all directions.

About Wilson Electronics.

Global leader in cell phone signal boosters and wireless signal enhancement products, Wilson Electronics is the home of top signal enhancement brands such as WilsonPro for commercial applications and weBoost for consumer applications. Its top quality signal boosters are highly critical in diverse applications from businesses, vehicles, marine vessels to homes. Wilson is also a provider of efficient wireless antennas in diverse design ranges such as panel, Yagi and Omni for exterior and interior mountings in boats, trucks and buildings.

Post Installation Results.

  • Cell phone signal coverage now covers all cell phones onsite.
  • Saved money and time.
  • Contributed to rapid air rescue and safety efforts.
  • Consultant geological company gained competitive edge.


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