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Free weBoost Eqo Cell Phone Signal Booster Giveaway!

Posted by on Apr 01, 2016

We're giving away a cell phone signal booster free, every month! At the end of this month, you may be the winner of the new weBoost Eqo, that takes only one minute to set-up and boosts Voice, 3G, 4G, LTE cellular signals over 1,200 sq. ft. of indoor spaces.

Win the new latest Wilson weBoost EQO signal booster that does so much!

Imagine this all too familiar scenario if you will, you have a just got a brand new smart phone! It is something you’ve been saving up for, and now you finally have it. It is all set up and you get ready to make your first call and then you noticed that dreaded icon in the corner on the screen.

Yes, that's right - there’s no signal and while you can go outside to use it in some cases that is soon going to become tiresome and annoying isn’t it? So how do you go about fixing it? Well, the old answer would have been you can’t really "fix it". If the signal isn’t strong enough, you pretty much just have to put up with it.

But thankfully that is now no longer the case with the brand new weBoost EQO signal booster kit that echoes the reception indoors while multiplying it up to thirty two times! You can now boost the cellular reception in your home without the need of an unsightly and flimsy exterior antenna and it can be used in offices or businesses just as easily. Furthermore, weBoost Eqo is Eco Friendly - Your phone battery will last hours longer because it will no longer have to search for signal as frequently.

How Does weBoost EQO Cell Phone Signal Booster Work?

Because buildings naturally block and hinder the transmission of cellar signals, getting a strong enough signal in your home to make and receive calls is a problem for many households all around the world.

You might have heard of other booster kits that claim to boost a signal's strength with the aid of an antenna. However, this new signal booster is completely different and is a real revolution as far as signal boosting technology is concerned.

It works with a simple three steps process and is designed and engineered to be simple to set up and use. In fact, it can all be set up in under a minute! But don’t let this simplicity fool you. The weBoost EQO booster might be simple, but it still works in the best and most effective way possible.

The 3 steps process is as follows:

Step 1: First the signal booster captures the cellular signals from all the carriers in your home. It can do this even if walls or windows are between you and the kit.

Step 2: Once it receives the signals, the boosting kit will immediately start to amplify them and can reach a maximum amplification of 32 times the original signal's strength.

Step 3: Third and finally, the in-built antenna of the boost kit will begin to distribute the signals throughout your home. This will provide the best possible phone reception and can reach a maximum distance of 1200 square feet depending upon the reception outside the structure of the home or office building.

What does this weBoost boosting kit include?

An Eqo kit (pronounced as "weBoost Echo" comes with much more than the booster box, it comes with everything you need to get it set up and is simple and easy to use. The kit includes the: Booster Box, Antenna Box, a 15 feet RG-174 Coax Cable, A SMA-Female Connector, an AC Power Supply and an in-depth Installation Instruction Guide.

Setting up weBoost EQO Booster Kit

Setting up Ego booster kit is really simple and quick! Since there is no outside antenna required, it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Simply place the antenna box on a hard level surface in your home, once done simple plug in the power supply and you’re ready to go.

weBoost EQO booster kit is ideal for home use but would also be a great addition to a small apartment, small condo or office. It effectively boosts the signal for a great variety of devices including 2G voice phones and 3G and 4G smart phones in addition to mobile service connected tablets. It offers a full boost of around 70 decibels if placed in optimum conditions for a full strength boost.

Are my cellular voice and Internet devices compatible?

Android, iPhones and many many more phones are out there in people’s hands today are fully compatible as long as the wireless service is through a service carrier in USA and Canada. What you might not know is that the kind of phone you have whether it’s a brand new smart phone or an old fashioned flip phone won’t actually affect the signal strength.

Yes, it might be possible that a decade old flip phone will have a better signal strength than a brand new smart phone with all the latest features. You see, it all depends on your service provider. Certain providers will be stronger in certain areas than others. Some are just stronger in general and that brings us back to the question at hand: How can you be sure if your devices are compatible? Well, thankfully the weBoost EQO kit can be used with a host of both American and Canadian signal providers. The full list of providers can be found below.

Canadian Providers: Bell Mobility, Chatr, Fido, Ice Wireless, Koodo Mobility, MTS, Mobilicity, Northern Tel, Public Mobile, Rodgers Wireless, Sask Tel, Telus Mobility, Videotron, Virgin Mobile Canada and Wind Mobile.

Strong>American Providers: AT & T Wireless, Boost Mobile, C Spire, Cricket Wireless, Metro PCS, Net 10, nTelos, Shentel, Simple Mobile, Sprint, Straight Talk, T-Mobile USA, Ting, TracPhone, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless and Virgin Mobile USA.

Why Should I Choose Wilson's EQO versus competition?

Wilson Electronics has been providing quality boosters since 1999. Millions of units have been sold and the proof is out there on Internet so feel free to confirm that they work best. However, we still get asked this question: There are other signal boosters available so why should I go for Wilson's weBoost brand if there're cheaper options available? While there are other signal boosters on the market none are quite like Wilson Electronics' new weBoost Eqo.

weBoost booster, EQO is full of the latest advancements and features unlike many other signal boosters on the market. It does not require an external antenna to work. It also works with a huge variety of cellular devices and providers, so almost anyone will be able to use it and receive the many benefits.

It is also easy and simple to set up. It will easily support multiple users so everyone in your home can benefit from it and it also doesn’t require the internet to work. And while it might seem like a more expensive choice at first, its price tag is a sign of its quality! Unlike some signal boosters, a booster like EQO doesn’t have any ongoing fees nor require Internet like some signal boosting alternatives do.

So in actuality, Wilson EQO amplifier is a more economical choice requiring only a single one off payment. It also provides a very wide coverage area that can be as large as 1200 square feet. It also as a proven record of success and has been third party tested to ensure its effectiveness.

Other things to know about the weBoost EQO cell phone booster kit

weBoost EQO cell phone booster kit would be great for both home and business use, and will undoubtedly help boost your signal strength. However like any signal boosting technology, your experience will vary and depend on few other factors.

While weBoost EQO does have a maximum capacity of 1200 square feet, it will only be able to reach this level of coverage if the outside area already receives a strong enough reception. But don’t worry if it doesn’t, you will still be able to benefit from weBoost EQO's signal boosting capabilities, even if your outside signal is very weak.

If you have a weak signal strength outside, the weBoost EQO repeater will still do its job and do it well, the only difference is that the area of coverage will be reduced to around a 100 square feet. While this might not sound as impressive as 1200 square feet, it is still a great increase in range and coverage for a non-existent signal indoors. For example, in an emergency, if you need to make a cellular call if landlines are down or if you do not have a landline phone subscription, you know you can get closer to the unit and make that urgent call. For a medium strength signal you will receive an area of coverage of around 750 sq. ft.

weBoost EQO Kit – A Recap

Here's the summary of all that this powerful yet easy to set-up signal booster does:

  • The WeBoost EQO Signal Booster comes with everything you need to simply and easily boost your home/offices cellular signal.
  • Easy and simple to set up and it can all be done in less than a minute.
  • The kit comes with everything you need to get started and includes an in-depth instruction guide.
  • It works with a huge variety of American and Canadian providers.
  • Capability to increase reception to up to 1200 square feet inside home or building based on the outside signal strength.
  • It has the potential to amplify the signals received by up to 32 times the original strength a cell phone or smartphone can draw on its own.
  • It is ideal for both home and business use and can easily be used in an office.
  • It has been third party tested and trusted by first responders.
  • It works with 2G, 3G and 4G devices so all cellular devices from the latest smart phone to older phones can benefit.
  • Unlike many alternative signal boosting devices, there is no outside antenna required to install and set-up the weBoost EQO signal amplifier kit.

Start enjoying better cellular reception indoors with weBoost Eqo!

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