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Funny Cell Phone Signal Jokes

Posted by on Feb 18, 2018

Here are a few cell phone signal related quotes we have heard that you may find funny:

  • "One time I was on hold for a local radio contest. They finally picked up and told me I was the tenth caller and just won $10,000. Then my phone signal cut off and I didn’t win the money."
  • "My phone signal is great - everywhere but at my house… Which, of course, is the one place I need it to work really well."
  • "It seems like any time my car breaks down and I need to call for a tow, that's when my phone won’t let me make any calls."

Funny Cell Phone Signal Jokes.

Cell phone signal strength isn’t something people even want to think about when it comes time to make a phone call. "I mean, shouldn't this thing just work? It's a phone, make a call!" commented smartphone user Hal Minkin. "The only thing worse than a phone that doesn’t make call would be a burrito I couldn’t eat. I love burritos."

While smartphones are a "must have" piece of technology for most of the civilized world, unfortunately a perfect cell signal isn't always easy to find. "My phone looks awesome and works really well - when it can get a signal. Unfortunately, that isn't always possible. Sometimes I feel like I would need to climb to the top of a cell tower to get the strength of connection I’m looking for, just so when I’m talking to someone they don’t sound all garbled, and then end up cutting off completely.

Some individuals we spoke with thought that by changing their cellular provider they might get better coverage, but unfortunately that isn't always the case. Whether users were with a low cost provider or the larger nationally known services, no carrier is perfect. "I've paid $20 a month and I've paid $200 a month - seems like trying to find a reliable cell service is harder than trying to locate a unicorn at midnight in a rainstorm.”

Fortunately, there is a solution much easier than trying to find the impossible "perfect carrier" and that's by using a cell phone signal booster. This simple, easy add-on makes better coverage available for all users across any carrier, with any phone.

“Oh snap, I wish I knew about the signal booster thing to begin with, that's awesome!” reported every smartphone user after reading this article(!)

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