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Hands-On Easy Installation Guide for weBoost RV 4G.

Posted by on Mar 19, 2017

Today, we're going to show you step-by-step how to install the RV 4G. For better illustration, see the video demonstration of installation.

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Components of the RV 4G Signal Booster.

Included is an outside antenna, the inside antenna, and the boosting amplifier. There's a DC power supply and an AC power supply. Included are the cables with mounting bracket.

Preparation for installation.

Take the mounting bracket and the suction cups. With the hole on the mounting bracket, apply with a twisting motion, until you have fed the suction cup into the mounting bracket. Take the alcohol prep pad and clean area of the window where you will place the mounting bracket. Take the mounting bracket and place it in an area where you will get best cell signal. For best performance, place it as high as you can on the RV.


Then take your outside antenna. Feed the cable through the slot in the mounting bracket. Take the cable and connect it to the outside antenna. Then run the cable inside the RV. Connect it to the booster. On the back of the booster, locate where it says, "outside". Take the outside antenna cable and connect it to the outside connection. Then take your inside antenna cable and connect it to the inside antenna connection on the booster.

Then place the inside antenna in a location where you will need the strongest cell signal. Plug in the DC power supply. Run it to the booster. Plug in the power supply to the booster. You can place it in a cabinet or somewhere out of sight. Make sure there's adequate ventilation. There're four lights on the booster and these indicate its performance. To reset your booster, unplug the power and reconnect.

Installation complete! Read the user's manual guide, or contact us if you need any help installing your weBoost RV 4G.

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