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Help! Why Is My Cell Phone Reception So Poor?

Posted by on Jun 28, 2016

Facts you may find surprising, reveal why cell phone reception is poor in unexpected places, due to unexpected reasons.

Why is your cellular reception so poor?

Who has not had this embarrassing experience: You’re on your phone with a family member, friend, or even worse, a client, when you suddenly realize that for the last 45 seconds you have been talking to yourself, because at some point during the conversation the connection was lost!

And what about this problem: You receive a voicemail notification on your phone, but you know your phone did not ring. Worse yet, you proceed check your voicemail and discover that the message was actually left a few hours ago but it is only this moment it appeared in your Inbox!

Or how about this disaster: your secretary emails you an urgent report that is required for a presentation that has been suddenly scheduled. No matter what you do you cannot download the report onto your phone – it is just taking forever! So, you walk into the meeting without the report and hope for the best!

The biggest frustrations users experience with their mobile phones are the following.

  • Connections that unexpectedly drop out.
  • Delayed arrival of voicemails and text messages.
  • Painfully slow downloads.

Why Is There No Guarantee of a Reliable Cell Signal?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. As we have previously mentioned in a blog post, a mobile phone is just a radio transceiver operating behind a user interface. It communicates back and forth with a cell tower using radio-frequency signals. This means that anything that can interfere with radio-frequency signals can also interfere with your mobile phone service – thus causing any of the issues experienced above.

The two main culprits that cause these problems are distance and obstructions. Everyone understands distance. Your cell signal will be weak or even undetectable if your phone is situated too far from the cell tower it is attempting to communicate with.

Obstructions, on the other hand, are not really understood, so below we have listed the most common signal blockers.

• Man-Made Obstructions.

Buildings are the main obstacles when it comes to cell signals in urban settings. It is difficult for radio-frequency signals to pass through concrete, metal, or oxide coated glass, which means that when you’re inside almost any building, you could very well experience reception problems.

• Terrain.

Because radio-frequency signals operate in line-of-sight fashion it means that any features located between you and the cell tower will block cell signals. These include mountains and hills, bluffs, ridges, and so on.

• Vegetation.

This one might sound strange, but trees, shrubbery, and pretty-much any kind of foliage can absorb cell signals. Surprisingly, even dust particles in the atmosphere are capable of weakening radio-frequency signals.

• Vehicles.

The outer shell of most vehicles are comprised of metal and safety glass, and these two do a great job of blocking radio-frequency signals. This means that when you’re inside any vehicle you may find it difficult to get a good signal.

So what can we do when we have all these elements stacked up against us, preventing us from getting a reliable cell signal? See an earlier post showing some tips and tricks to help you locate a solid cell connection. And, if you’re still experiencing problems, see few tech solutions to boost reception that were discussed in another post. It’s important to remember that, in almost all situations, phone users do not have to put up with a poor or unreliable cell signal.

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