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How does a cell phone signal booster, amplifier, or repeater work?

Posted by on Mar 09, 2017

Understand why you drop calls, and you will easily understand how a cell phone signal booster, amplifier, or repeater works. Watch the video illustration to help you understand this concept.

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Reasons why you drop calls.

The first is distance. Being too far from your cell phone tower, you simply get too far away from the signal because your phone's not strong enough to communicate back to the cell phone tower. The second reason is obstructions. Something is blocking the signal from getting to your phone. That can be a tree, the building materials in your house, or the metal on your car.

How does a signal booster work?

The components to a signal booster system: First, there's an outside or receive antenna. Then there's an inside antenna. Most importantly, there’s the signal booster or amplifier or repeater.

For example, weBoost EQO signal booster has an outside antenna takes the weak signal from outside. It captures that signal and then sends it inside to the signal booster. The signal booster will then amplify that signal and then send it out into your inside antenna. It will go throughout your home or your vehicle. That same antenna will then pick up the signal from your phone and send it back to the signal booster. This boosts it and then returns it out through an outside antenna to the cell phone tower.

Therefore, you can see how a signal booster would resolve both situations of why you drop calls. Is distance causing the problem? The signal booster takes the weak signal. It boosts it and sends it back to the cell phone tower. Are obstructions blocking the signal? It takes that signal outside. It brings it inside and then simply boosts the signal throughout your home or your vehicle.

If you need more explanation and illustration, see the video provided above for more information to help answer your questions. Or contact us - We're ready to help.

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