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How Does a Metal Roof affect Your Cell Phone Signal?

Posted by on Jan 17, 2018

Metal roofing is very common in North American commercial properties and homes due to a number of reasons. It is preferred for its beauty, sturdiness, fire resistance and energy efficiency. The modern metal shingle roofing materials for instance have a unique textured beauty that strengthens the material. No matter the kind of element, including hail, metal roofing fully protects against leaks and damages unlike other roofing materials. But how does it affect cell phone signal? Adversely for sure, but what can you do about it? Which cell phone signal booster would be best to counteract metal roof effects of weak or poor celluar reception quality? Exclusive cell phone signal boosters such as our high end models are made to enhance all signal weaknesses including problems brought about by a metal roof. Professional installation services are available.

How does metal roof affect cell phone signal.

Long lasting roofing.

Metal roofing hardly erodes its impact resistance as years roll by, a huge benefit for homeowners and business owners who want their buildings to outlast them. Not many people know that classic metal roofing for instance isn't a lightning risk as many would love to believe. Modern metal roofs are also fully non-combustible for great protection against fires from the outside. Since most of them are low in weight, metal roofing would rarely collapse in case of an indoor house fire. With most modern metal roofing system green in nature due to recycling of materials such as aluminum, those who deem environmental friendly a major concern find the long expectancy green metal roof the perfect choice.

Metal roof and cellular reception - A big problem? Not anymore.

Obviously, metal roofing has a lot of benefits for any building owner. Even with its easy maintenance and low cost nature of metal roofs, they also have their drawbacks when it comes to cell phone signal reception. Anyone living or working within these buildings will find radio waves constantly interfered with, from FM band radio waves to cellular signals.

Radio listeners and users either adjust the radio positions or install outside antennas to receive the signals better. Even when metal roofs don't directly interrupt cellular reception they have been found to worsen existing disruptions. On other hand, even if most of us use all manner of buildings on a daily basis with metal roofs from offices, shopping malls to restaurants and aren't affected by bad reception, it doesn't mean the cell phone signal isn't affected.

Perfect signal strength.

Measured in decibels, -50dB is considered the perfect signal strength on a Smartphone. The closer you're to that number the fuller bars you will enjoy on your cell phone. Without the metal roofing the signal strength would probably be close to -50dB. But due to metal roofs most signal strengths can be anything between -110dB and -80dB on the better side, which are still good cellular reception levels but not the best.

It means that whatever cellular signal you're currently enjoying on your cell phone inside a building with a metal roof could be better were cell phone signal obstructing materials absent, such as dry walls, concrete, clear or tinted glass, metal siding, and brick walls among others such as electronic equipment.

Diminished cellular signal.

Metal roof on a building with metal siding and studs in a location with a very poor signal generally worsens the cell phone signal further. The metal roof will amplify the problem and dropped calls and poor internet speeds will be a common trend. Whether the outside cellular reception is strong or not, indoor coverage is usually weakened by a metal roof and the cell phone signal rating can go down by anything between -32dB and -50dB. Probably the reason your home has serious cellular signal issues and lots of dead zones.

Enjoying -50dB signal strength on your cell phone or closer to that is the mark of a superb signal. To get around the metal roofing cellular reception disruptions and obstructions and enjoy the best of metal roofing benefits and quality strong cell phone signal, a cell phone signal booster can help inside your home or commercial building with a metal roof.

Why metal roof isn't a problem for cellular signal boosters.

Exclusive cell phone signal boosters such as our high end models are made to enhance all manner of signal weaknesses including problems brought about by a metal roof. While the metal roof will unquestionably interfere with indoor signal, the coverage amplifier takes the outdoor signal through high quality cable to improve the reception inside. Once the outside signal has been confirmed as adequate and making a call from your cell phone at the location of antenna is possible, the cellular signal booster will do the rest.

Outside antenna will be installed on your building’s roof with the signal booster itself secured inside building to protect it from elements. With external antenna elevated a minimum of two feet from the metal roof, you can be sure the reception will be captured and boosted. In a nutshell, metal roof or not, the type of building material is irrelevant - the cell phone signal will be injected into the internal space via a special high quality cable.

Cell phone signal booster for any type of space size.

Whether you live in a 1,200 square foot home or work in such an office, or work in a humongous 140,000 square foot business premises with a metal roof and week cellular signal, our cell phone signal boosters are available for any type of space.

For instance, browse powerful indoor cell phone signal boosters for small business offices and homes of up to 7,500 square foot. Or consider even more powerful commercial grade signal booster kits, our Pro Signal Boosters for over 7,500 sq. ft. to hundreds of thousands of sq. ft. spaces.

Professional installation services are available to help diagnose the cell phone signal problem and recommend the best cell phone signal booster to eliminate dead zones and poor cellular reception. Note that all cell phone signal boosters work with all carriers in North America, all cell phone and mobile devices to accomplish 3G and 4G LTE data and voice quality network levels.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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