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How does a signal booster work?

Posted by on Apr 24, 2015

Get 32x Stronger Signal for Cell Phones, Smartphones and Tablet Computers.

How does a signal booster work?

How does a signal booster work?

weBoost signal boosters are essentially a repeater system which operates transparently on the cellular network.

The Amplifier adds power (gain) to the signal in both directions, also called a BDA by some installers. Max gain varies by application.

The Outside Antenna transmits and receives signal to the cell tower with increased sensitivity and power. (Generally 7 to 10+ dB gain).

The Inside Antenna transmits and receives signal to the cell phone or device, also adding gain. (Generally 5 to 7+ dB gain).

The co-ax cable is the conduit between all the elements of the system and is a cause of loss.

Properly designed signal boosters which are FCC type accepted are 100% legal and do not require carrier approval before installation.

Benefits of a Cell Phone Signal Booster:

  • Use mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, mobile wi-fi's, in previously dead areas
  • Eliminate dropped calls
  • Faster data speeds
  • Longer cell phone battery life
  • Common Terms:

    Cell Phone Signal:

    • Cellular signal strength is measured in decibels (dB), and will typically range from -50dB to -110dB.

    • The dB scale is logarithmic, every 3dB increase doubles the power, -67dB is twice the power of -70dB.

    • Every 6dB will approximately double the coverage distance from the antenna.

    Gain and Loss:

  • Gain is the ability of a device to increase the power of a signal. Gain is measured in dB (Decibels). It is the power added to the signal by the amplifier or antenna.
  • Loss, also called attenuation, is any reduction of signal strength. Loss occurs in cables, splitters and connectors. It also occurs when the signal is transmitted through the air. Loss is cumulative, and is subtracted from the signal.
  • Oscillation & Overload

    Oscillation or Feedback:

    Indicated by a solid RED light on the amplifier. Occurs when inside antenna and outside antenna "talk" to each other, causing an RF loop. Solution is to increase separation of the antennas, or turn down gain on the amplifier. Increasing isolation is the key and can be achieved mechanically in some cases.


    Indicated by a blinking ORANGE light on the amplifier. Caused by close proximity to a cell tower. The offending tower may be on another network. If working with a directional outside antenna, re-orienting the antenna and or reducing gain may solve the issue.

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