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How Does Good Cell Phone Reception Enhance Data Security?

Posted by on Jan 18, 2018

Good cell phone receptions helps you speedily use your secure mobile data network which is a lot safer than using free WiFi that is accessible practically everywhere in USA. The consumption of Wi-Fi data across United States has been going up. In 2016, national data shows that those within the 18-24 year bracket consumed over 14,000 MBs of Wi-Fi data on average per month, 11,000 MBs for the 25-34 year bracket, 9200 MBs for users between 35 and 44 years of age, 7400 MBs for 45-54 year olds, 6400 MBs for 55-64 year olds and 4800 MBs for those above 65 years of age. As of 2016, the total internet users in United States stood at 290 million. A chunk of this population access Wi-Fi in one of the 152,069 Wi-Fi locations spread across United States in a country with 87.9 percent Internet users.

Wi-Fi sense.

How does good cellular and wifi connection enhance data security.

One of the things people do when they arrive in a hotel, home or holiday location is connect to the Wi-Fi around that place. It is an almost instantaneous unconscious decision, one that is sensible financially. Saving precious cellular data to connect to Internet, making calls, sending texts and checking email over the Wi-Fi network is an almost reality to any American when they find a working Wi-Fi signal.

Most establishments such as restaurants and hotels have working Wi-Fi networks that probably don't require login details and passwords to connect. Public Wi-Fi is such that you might never know the quality or security of the network of an establishment and the systems probably accessing your Smartphone, Tablet or laptop's traffic.

An unsecured public connection is open to misuse by malicious users who might be looking for the next victim in their data theft spree. A huge number of people hardly understand the risk that such public Wi-Fi comes with but connect to the public resource anyway.

Safer alternative.

Citywide and Public Wi-Fi facilities are widespread in thousands of locations across United States. With them comes a risk since most are open networks and unencrypted. Whether you're just a student, in business, company executive or a typical traveller, using publicly accessed Wi-Fi leaves your data open for misuse and theft from identity thieves who are always on the prowl for the next victim.

To keep your information and data safe connection, through your mobile service provider's mobile network remains the best solution. It is recommended that as you travel locally, regionally and internationally you use your cell phone's 4G LTE or 3G networks by using Mi-Fi devices, browsing via your Smartphone, Tablet or other mobile devices or simply tether the phone to a laptop and use it to access safe mobile data. In fact, most carriers are offering wonderful data roaming packages for ardent travelers.

There's time for each.

Personal information and traffic data is important and should be protected at all times. Securing your data over a Wi-Fi network is never easy. While cellular data is arguably the best for security reasons, there's definitely time for each of them. Firstly, you need to know that encrypted 4G LTE and 3G networks are always secure and the best solution for sensitive operations involving your personally identifiable data.

You can select to use accessible citywide or public Wi-Fi while doing certain activities that consume gigantic amount of data yet pose zero or low threat such as downloading films, streaming music and videos.

When accessing your mobile banking platform or sending important emails, use cell phone data to secure yourself from cybercriminals. Cellular signal is always strong and faster than Wi-Fi data speeds if not the same. It is much harder to hack into by outsiders that do not subscribe to your mobile service.

Enhance your cellular reception.

Public Wi-Fi apart from being unsecure is also unreliable and can be really slow. With great data plans from your carrier you can easily transform your home, car or boat into a 4G LTE superspeed paradise. Through a unique repeater such as cell phone signal booster for buildings and homes or vehicles and boats you can actually raise your current weak cellular signal into reliable full bars with swift 4G LTE data speed when you need it on the road or inside your home.

Beyond securing your phone internet connection, cell phone signal boosters ensure that voice calls are clear and reliable without dropped calls or unsent text messages while boosting the cell phone's battery life.

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