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How to avert a data loss disaster - Because data recovery is no easy task!

Posted by on May 19, 2015

How to avert data loss disaster!

Now we know that you can use the  mobile hotspot signal booster to speed-up wireless data transfer, but we would rather bear the slow data transfer speeds than lose all data in our smartphone, altogether!

Back-up your Android Smartphone to your PC

Oops! You dropped your phone while running for the bus; the bus ran over it, and so did the big truck following it! And you, trying to rescue your precious phone, were almost run over by the same truck!

Does this story sound at all plausible to you, or even familiar? We all know the first thought that races through our mind when our phone is lost, broken, stolen, or just missing: it’s all our contacts, text messages, photos, and other personal information stored on our phones, and how on earth we’re going to be able to replace them. And even with the stuff that can be replaced, how long will it take?

So, how can we plan ahead for a situation like this? Because that, in fact, is what we should all be doing: planning ahead to ensure that our data isn’t lost to the ether, even if the phone is ruined. Fortunately, and providing Google has your permission to do so, Google syncs most of your calendar appointments, contacts, documents, and even your App purchases with your Gmail account. So, while Google may preserve your data, were you aware that there are other programs that will wirelessly back-up your data, your photos and apps, to the Cloud? This article is designed to assist you in backing up the contents of your Android phone to your PC.

Google’s There For You!

When you give Google permission to back up the contents of your phone, the instructions will vary a little from phone to phone. Typically, you’ll go to Settings – Backup and Reset – then click on ‘Backup my data’ - and ‘Automatic Restore’. But that’s not all: go to Accounts while you’re in Settings and click on the Google Account you wish to sync your data to. Click on the sync icons for Contacts, Email, Books, Calendar, and whatever services you want to back up – and that’s it!

And that’s not all Google can do for you: if you’re a user of Google’s Music service then all of your music will be saved on Google’s servers, even if both your computer and phone should die at the same time. If your music collection is large, the first uploading process will take (what seems like) forever, however, once you’ve completed your first upload any subsequent albums added to your collection will upload quite quickly. You’ll then be able to stream your music to other computers or up to 10 Android devices.

Music, videos, and photos from your Android Phone can be transferred direct to your Mac or PC by connecting your computer to your phone and manually copying the files onto your hard drive. Obviously this isn’t the ideal solution, but it’s easy and quick, particularly on a PC where Windows mounts it as an external drive. For Macs you need to download Android File Transfer, then install it: run it once as you connect your phone for the first time, and after that it will start up automatically.

MyBackup Pro

MyBackup Pro is available for purchase in the Google Play Store for $5. With this app you can back up anything at all without having your phone rooted – app data, photos, contacts, browser bookmarks, home screen shortcuts, system settings, calendars, alarms, SMS messages, MMS messages, music playlists, and much more. You can program this app to schedule your backups at times convenient to you, like when you’re asleep. The backup files are saved to either the Cloud or the microSD card in your phone, which means your data is accessible immediately at the MyBackup Pro site. If you should change to a new phone, or if your phone dies, you can use the software with MyBackup Pro to restore all of your data, settings, and apps in one session.

Samsung Kies

You’re in luck if you’ve got a Samsung Android phone, because Samsung has its own proprietary software for ensuring your device is always backed up. On most devices there’s an app known as Kies: this comes pre-installed, plus there’s Kies software for your Mac or PC. With the Kies app you can connect to any computer on the same Wi-Fi network; then, from your computer’s browser you can view, explore, transfer and copy the data currently installed on your phone. You’ll be given an IP address to enter into your browser, plus a PIN code. A short set-up, and now you’re good to go!

Now, on the desktop side, Kies is designed specifically for data backup. Begin by using USB to connect your computer to your Samsung phone; then open the Kies software. Once Kies has detected your phone connection it will show a phone icon together with information on how much free space you have. You’ll see a row of tabs along the top. Just click on ‘Backup/Restore’ and check the box for all items. And that’s it! You might need to grab a cup of coffee while your phone is backing up for the first time: remember that if there’s something on your phone that you don’t want to preserve you have the option of selecting specific things to back up, like music or contacts.

SMS Backup

If you’re looking for a method for preserving all your text messages, try SMS Backup: this is a free app which integrates with your Gmail account – it backs up your SMS messages to a label in your email account. And because they’re in Gmail, your old messages will stay, plus they’ll also be searchable.

Time To Back Up Your Phone!

It’s really important that you back up all your important phone data: you never know when your phone will go missing or get damaged. Google is definitely your friend when it comes to backing up your stuff: at the same time you can use the above apps to make sure that all your messages, notes, photos, and so on are safe and protected.

Don’t put it off any longer. Time to get started – now!

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