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How to block calls on Android phones?

Posted by on Jun 21, 2015

block unwanted callers

Blocking Calls on Your Android Phone.

You may be relieved to know that there are definitely ways to block calls to your Android phone. However, finding the right way can take some research. Some of the older devices may not offer blocking features and some manufacturers bury their black-list features deep into the settings of the phone.

Actually, there are several methods for blocking calls to your Android phone, so in this post we will give you some tips on ways to block phone calls and texts on your phone. We’ll start by using the native features on your phone and then we will follow up with some Android apps for call-blocking that you might like to consider. And finally, we will offer information on how to block specific callers by contacting your phone carrier.

Remember that the version of Android you’re using means that the methods for doing this will differ a little depending on your specific device. You will find many tutorials for your specific device on the XDA developer’s forum and on YouTube.

Blocking Calls To Your Android Phone Using Native Features.

Blocking All Calls.

There’s no universal method for blocking your contacts on Androids. However, there are some devices, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S series, which allows users to enable a blocking mode via the phone’s settings. On the home-screen, select the phone symbol, then select ‘Call Settings’, then ‘My Device’, then ‘Blocking Mode’, then ‘Disable Incoming Calls’. You use the menu called Blocking Mode, "Allowed Contacts" to make exceptions for specific contacts so they’re able to call you even when your calls have been disabled.

Blocking Specific Callers.

The common way to block specific callers is to bring up your list of contacts by selecting the phone symbol on your phone’s home-screen. Touch the three-dot image then select ‘Settings’, then ‘Call’, ‘Call Rejection’, ‘Auto Reject List’, then ‘Create’. The Android phones have a search box that should now appear, so add the name or contact number of the person you want to block: That name is now added to your Auto Reject List.

From Your Call Log.

You can disable incoming calls from specific phone numbers from the call log: Choose the number you wish to block, then in the upper right-hand corner hit the 3-dot image, then ‘Add to Reject List’. Now, calls from that specific number are disabled.

However, it’s not that easy to block phone calls from some Android phones! For example, the Nexus 4 offers native features allowing you forward calls straight to voicemail but you can’t totally block calls. Therefore, this means you have to try another method.

Block Calls Using Google Voice.

One of the simplest ways to block calls is with Google Voice; and it’s very easy to sign up. Just go to Google Voice and follow their sign-up instructions. This calling service provides an extra component to calling; meaning you can view text and voice messages just like you would emails.

Block Calls Using Android Apps

If you’re not happy with the other options, or you prefer a more user-friendly method of blocking calls on your Android phone, then perhaps your best bet would be to have a dedicated app. Here are our suggestions:

Mr. Number App (Free).

The Mr. Number app advertises itself as a free alternative calling and texting app, complete with no-cost messaging between members and instant updates advising when your messages have been read. In Addition, it’s also a powerful text and call blocking app for Android. With this app you can block area codes or specific numbers, and you can protect yourself from cold-calls from telemarketers and other spammers.

Call Control App (Free).

This Android call-blocker has a huge list of spam numbers that can automatically be blocked: it also works in with the FCC Do Not Call Registry. With this versatile app you get to decide which calls to block and how you want them handled. You initially get a 14-day trial of the full app (free) and then it costs $8; or it will revert to the limited ‘lite’ version.

Extreme Call Blocker.

This app incurs a one-off fee of $6 and you receive a comprehensive text and call message blocking app: It is packed with features and can be password protected. You can mute the ringer, automatically pick up and hang up, and send calls direct to voicemail, plus you can use it to block outgoing calls. It also has a stealth mode so you can hide the app on your phone. This is a very good option for call-blocking because you have the ability to set up profiles with varying parameters.

Get In Touch With Your Carrier.

Were you aware that most carriers are able to block calls to your phone? Both Sprint and Verizon offer this service for free. However, there are limitations. For example, with Verizon you’re only able to block 5 lines, plus you have to re-block the lines every ninety days. AT&T charges $5 a line per month and you can block up to thirty numbers. VT-Mobile has no official service for blocking texts or calls, but you could always try calling their service centre to see if they can help.

Other Options for Call Blocking

If you go online you will see that there are many Android apps for call-blocking. Make sure that you do your research carefully, and check their reviews: Sometimes, these apps can conflict with anti-virus apps. If you use Avast! Mobile Security, we understand there’s an SMS and call filtering option available for blocking contacts.

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