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​How to boost your cell phone signal in your Mobile Home with ease!

Posted by on Jun 10, 2015

mobile home signal booster

Mobile homes, unlike regular homes, can present unique challenges when it comes to a good cell phone service. The simplest things such as home construction materials and location make all the difference. Cell phone boosters are an easy way to solve both of these issues and enjoy good coverage in your mobile home.

What causes a poor signal?

As stated above, there are generally two causes: firstly, your distance from the nearest cell tower and secondly, the materials from which your mobile home is built.

  • Distance from nearest cell tower: Since mobile home parks are traditionally in rural areas, cell towers can often be far away, resulting in a weak signal and frustrating connection. Rugged terrain can also affect signals.
  • Building materials: From the sheet metal used to line the outside of older mobile homes to energy saving materials used in newer mobile homes, all these materials can block your cell phone reception resulting in significant signal issues.

The solution?

Any  mobile home signal booster solves both problems by countering a weak signal outside your mobile home and using an amplifier to boost your connection and bypass construction materials, allowing you to make and send calls much easier. If the signal is extremely low outside, we recommend using an even lower cost mobile home booster with directional antenna because it can draw signal from a cell tower farther away. However, the installation for the latter may require a bit more patience - All instructions and toll free support included!

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