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How to find nearest cell phone tower?

Posted by on Dec 27, 2015

How to find nearest cell tower location

We sure get asked this question a lot: How Do I Find My Nearest Cell Phone Tower? Usually it is not that easy - especially in rural areas. Therefore, we have written this easy to understand blog to help all of you that want to find out the answer to this burning question!

In an earlier blog post (https://cellphonesignalbooster.us/blog/improved-cell-phone-reception-simple-things-you-may-be-able-to-do-right-now/), we told you eight things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your cell phone reception. This entry will basically cover one of those ways in more depth: Using a mobile service map tool.

What Are Mobile Service Map Tools?

Mobile service map tools are apps or websites that you can use to find the closest cell phone tower to you (your carrier's tower).

Why Does Finding the Closest Tower Matter?

When you know where your closest cell phone tower is, you know the direction of it. Knowing the direction helps in two ways:

1. It helps you know where to go in your house/ building for better cell phone reception.

2. It shows you the direction you need to point your directional antenna.

Better Cell Phone Reception.

When you're struggling to make calls inside your house or building, it is important to know which side of the house / building has the best signal. Our previous tips for better cell phone reception will help you, but without knowing where the best signal is, you will encounter many trials and errors. Knowing the direction of your cell phone tower will save you time.

Properly Working Directional Antenna.

If you have a Yagi or Panel outside antenna, then you have a directional antenna. Directional antennas can only receive and transmit signals in one direction, so they must be facing the direction of the cell phone tower in order to work properly.

What Mobile Service Tools Can I Use?

The best tools for finding your cell phone tower are phone apps and websites. We recommend the phone app, "Open Signal".

Open Signal

OpenSignal is available for iPhone and Android devices and is one of the most full-featured tower finding apps available. It is free, simple to use, and provides additional features (outside of finding cell phone towers).

Finding the Direction of Your Cell Phone Tower.

Finding the direction of your cell phone tower is super quick and easy with OpenSignal. Here is how you do it:

1. Open up OpenSignal application in your smart phone.

2. Go to the Dashboard/ Home tab. You will have to go through the introduction slides if this is your first time opening Open Signal app.

3. Look at the Dashboard. There should be a circle with your carrier's name in the middle, and an arrow pointing in a direction. On an Android device, this arrow will look like an arrow on a compass. That arrow is the direction of your carrier's closest cell phone tower!

Confused? You can view the different dashboards for iPhone and Android at http://opensignal.com/iphone/

How Do I Use This Information?

To use this information, stand up and start walking in the direction the arrow is pointing. You will notice that arrow will continue to point in the best direction. This direction is where you will get a better cell phone signal in your building or house where you can implement the better cell phone reception strategies. For example, if you want to use the strategy of going to a window and the arrow is pointing south, you now know to go to a window on the south side of your building or home for better cell phone reception.

Issues That May Occur with OpenSignal App.

You can only know the direction of your carrier's tower if your carrier has towers in an area. If your carrier does not have towers in any area, then you will not see an arrow. For example, if your carrier is Virgin Mobile and there are only Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon carrier towers in that area, then you're not going to see an arrow.

How Do You Know Which Carrier Towers Are In the Area?

To know which carrier towers are around, you can use the Coverage tab on the OpenSignal app.

1. Go to the Coverage tab. You will see a heat map. A heat map shows the strength of different carriers' signals in that area. Red/ orange indicates a stronger signal.

2. At the top, click where it says Coverage. A menu will drop down showing all the carriers in the area.

If your carrier is not on the list, then there are no towers nearby.

How to Solve This Issue.

While you cannot find the direction of your carrier's tower, you may be able to find the carrier tower of a friend's or relative's if theirs is one of the carriers in that area. However, you would have to use the OpenSignal app on their phone to do so since OpenSignal only shows the carrier towers for the phone it is being used on.

Finding Your Cell Phone Tower.

Once you know what to do, finding your cell phone tower is easy. Just remember, this will only work if your carrier has towers nearby.

1. Go to your Dashboard tab.

2. Look at your Dashboard. See your carrier's name in the circle? Tap on it. This will take you to a map and show all the closest cell phone towers for your carrier.

Issues that may occur with this situation.

When looking at the cell phone towers closest to you on the map, it may seem like another tower (than the one your arrow was pointing to) is closer. The one your arrow points towards is the correct one.

How to Solve This Issue.

To get a more clear indication of which cell phone tower is closer, you will need a more detailed map. You can find one at CellReception.com. We will cover how, in the next section.

Cell Reception.

There are several websites you can use to find your carrier's cell phone tower, but we recommend CellReception.com. Cell Reception is easy and quick to use, and enables you to filter the map to only show your carrier's towers.

Finding Your Closest Cell Phone Tower.

1. Go the CellReception.com. Once you get there, type in your zip code, and click Go.

2. Once a new page opens up, select your carrier's towers. A new page will open showing a map with multiple towers in the area.

3. Zoom in to your address to find the tower closest to it.

Issues That May Occur.

Zooming in will not immediately take you to your address. You will have to look around the map to find it.

How to Solve This Particular Issue.

To save you time and frustration, we suggest opening a new tab and using Google Maps to help you find your address on the CellReception map.

1. Open a new tab. Go to GoogleMaps.

2. In the search box, type the address you're trying to find, and press Enter on your keyboard. This will take you to a map and directly to your address.

3. Zoom out until you see the city.

4. Now go back to the CellReception map. Zoom in and find your address (you can look back at the other map if you need to).

5. Once you know where your address is, you can zoom out and see which tower is the closest.


Whether you want to find an area with the best cell phone reception in your building or just need to find which way to point your antenna, mobile service map tools will help you do it.

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