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How to install cell phone signal booster in vehicles.

Posted by on Apr 24, 2017

How to do a custom install of a cell phone signal booster with ideas and tips on how you can incorporate this into your vehicle. The same process is going to work in a car, truck, RV, and any sort of vehicle. You will just have to tweak it for your specific vehicle. Watch the video to see the installation process.

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Today, we're going to show you how to do custom installation of a cell phone signal booster in your vehicle. We will be doing this in a hatchback car. However, the same process is going to work in a car, a truck, a RV, any sort of vehicle. You will just have to tweak it for your specific vehicle. Watch the actual video to see the installation process. We're going to be installing the weBoost Drive 4G-X but all vehicle signal boosters have basically same or similar components so the installation process is the same. However, we know all cars are not going to be the same. We hope this gives you an idea of what it takes to do a custom install. Then you can get some ideas and tweak it for your vehicle.

Components of the signal booster.

With any signal booster, you will have three main components. The signal booster itself. The outside antenna. The inside antenna. Lastly, you will have peripherals such as the power supply to power the cell phone booster kit. If you have got one of our cradle boosters, the inside antenna and a booster are combined into one piece. So you only need to install two components.

Do a soft install first.

Before you get started, we recommend doing a soft install. What that means is basically making sure that everything is going to fit. Put the booster where you're going to install it. Then run the cords out to where you're going to put your outside antenna and inside antenna. Make sure you have got enough cord and enough spacing to do everything right.

Install the outside antenna.

Make sure that it is at least a foot away from any other antennas and from any windows or the sunroof. Then you can take the cord and run it inside to where you're going to put the booster. Therefore, what we're going to do is place the antenna at the top of the car. Then we can run the cord straight back to try and hide it as much as possible. Then we run it down under the hatch-back door. Then we pull down the weather stripping from the vehicle. Then tuck the cable down underneath. Run it between the body of the vehicle and the lining. The ridge goes all the way towards the front of the vehicle.

It is flexible enough to just tuck the cable right in there. No need to pull anything apart. Just put the weather stripping back in place. Press it back down like it was. We pull the weather stripping down from the window. Then we run the cable from the back of the car forward along the ridge line, tucking it in as we go. We keep doing that all the way across over to the side, and then down the head lining. Finally, tuck it up underneath the paneling.

Installing the inside antenna.

We can mount it in any cavity close to where you place your phone so inside antenna is close to the phone for best reception boost. We can run the cable back under the seat where we can install it. We can use the included velcro strip to adhere inside antenna to it. If you need to, you can alway take it off the velcro tape and pull it out to bring it closer to the phone. Or you can put it somewhere else. Then we remove the two screws to access under the panel. Then we work the wire back underneath the panel, and back under the seat where we can then install the booster.

Install the power supply.

There's usually a power outlet in center console. However, unfortunately there may be a cup holder that slides up underneath the bottom. Therefore, you may not be able to simply run the cord up through the hole and plug it in. Therefore, you can drill a small hole - just big enough for the cord. Then you can make a notch so that you can run the cord up through the bottom. Then simply plug the power supply in, and leave room for the cup holder in your vehicle console section. With the power supply running from the cigarette lighter going downwards, all the cables are ready to connect to the booster.

Connect the antennas to the booster.

Simply connect the antenna connection to the proper connector on the booster. Plug in the power supply. You can use some zip ties. Mount it up underneath the seat and out of sight.


We hope this has been helpful in showing you how a custom install of a cell phone signal booster is done. Hopefully, you got some ideas and tips on how you can incorporate this into your vehicle. Be sure to watch the video during installation because illustrations provided would make it easier to follow along the process of installing the cell phone booster in any vehicle.

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