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How to save money with your cell phone?

Posted by on Apr 04, 2016

With the high prices we pay for the latest cell phones, it would be great if we could see a return on our investment. Well, there are a number of ways you can save money by using your cell phone. If you’re smart and have access to the right app or website then it is possible. Below are 5 ways you can save money with your cell phone.

How to save money with your cell phone?

1. Banking and budgets

Online banking is a modern day task that we all do. With the introduction of cell phones most banks now provide apps which make paying bills and transferring money so much easier.

There are enough sites out there at your disposal, such as, "Mint.com" which can help create and manage your budgets meaning that you will never overspend again. You can also set up alerts which warn you of unexpected transactions or unusual changes to your account.

2. At the pump

Owning a car is an expensive overhead and one that we could all do without. With gas price monopoly occurring behind the scenes that no one seems to notice or want to do anything about, it can be difficult to find a gas station with a competitive price. But this is 2016, and if you have a cell phone with the, "Gas Buddy" app, then you will be able to search your area for the cheapest gas station.

3. Energy bills

Most energy companies will have an app which allow you to monitor your energy consumption as well as pay bills on the go. Having access to this information on your cell phone is a great way to keep track of your energy behaviour. They can show you which appliances use the most energy helping you to plan and cut back, saving you money in the long term.

4. Comparing prices

When it comes to shopping, how many times do you purchase the first item you see? Using a price comparison website, will allow you to compare the cost of a particular item across a number of different retailers. These comparison sites are becoming more prominent as each argue they can offer you the best deal. A little homework and effort can be the difference between paying the high price or the best price.

5. Cell phone booster

Using your wi-fi to make calls is a great way reduce your cell phone bill. If you have a good connection then this will certainly save you money. If your connection or cell phone coverage is poor then investing in a cell phone signal booster for your home, car, or M2M device, is the way to go. These handy devices are the perfect solution for boosting your cell phone signal and making sure you get clear reception in houses, vehicles, or business machines that transmit data using the cellular network.

If your home suffers from poor cell phone coverage then install a cell phone signal booster for home. Take a look at our wide range of cell phone signal boosters for vehicles.

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