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How well do cell phone signal boosters work?

Posted by on Mar 14, 2017

Checkout the process involved for a signal booster to get tested and then certified for sale. Yes, they definitely work extremely well, as long as there's slightest signal available outside.

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You may be wondering if a signal booster actually works or even how well do cell phone signal boosters work? The answer is yes, they work very well. But there's a lot of confusion stemming from over twenty years ago when there were scams going on selling metal stickers that did nothing but take your money. Those internal antenna boosters were nothing but plastic stickers with gold or other metal circuitry design. They would supposedly work by sticking them between the phone and its battery. Those were just gimmicks and may still be available for a buck or two (believe it or not, they used to cost $29.95 then).

However, an actual signal booster is a sophisticated piece of technology. It boosts the signal going to a cell tower and coming back from the cell tower to your phone. This increases the power of your phone greatly. If you want to learn how a signal booster works, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3qVEARrKCc

Network standards for signal boosters.

Before a signal booster can hit the shelves, it has to go through rigorous testing and be certified by the FCC. In 2014, Wilson Electronics was a major contributor. They worked with FCC to create the network protection standard which was passed in April of that year. Since that date, all signal boosters sold in USA have to pass these tests and be certified. If they're not, they can't be sold.

What is the process to get a signal booster registered?

First, the signal booster is sent to a third-party testing facility. This testing facility does all kinds of tests. For example, they test to make sure that automatic gain control works on an amplifier. This automatically adjusts the gain or output power of the booster based on input coming in. It will test the maximum output power allowed. It will test radiation. A signal booster is not allowed to emit any more radiation than your cell phone does. Plus, you never put it as close to you as your cell phone. The FCC mandates that you keep it at least eight inches away. It will also test for oscillation protection. Therefore, if it does oscillate, it will automatically shut itself down.

The Technical Certification Bureau.

At end of the process, you get a report back which covers a lot more data than just a few tests. This report is then submitted with a sample of our booster to the Technical Certification Bureau. This Bureau will go over the data and check the test results. If everything pans out, they will send it on to the FCC for certification in USA or ICC in Canada, or any of the other country specific bureaus. Once it passes, then it can be sold in the United States or the respective countries.

Therefore, this proves that cell phone boosters work very well indeed!

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