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Improve Retail Sales with a Commercial Signal Amplifier.

Posted by on Sep 09, 2016

We’re still very much in the beginning of the wireless revolution, which is moving ahead at full speed - Visit CTIA 2016 to see how fast. Most of us are pretty much accustomed to the simplicity, convenience, and a sense of connectedness that we enjoy from having reliable and regular cell phone access twenty-four hours a day. So nothing makes us more upset than when we find that we can’t check the email, receive a voice call, or cruise Facebook on our iPhone or Android.

That is, unless you’re Johnathan D. of New York, NY: John runs an automobile brokering business which is an independent position that requires him to be on his phone constantly, talking to potential customers, making deals, and handling the paperwork for vehicles being shipped across the country. Recently, he made the decision to base his business in upstate New York, out of a larger existing car dealership, as he thought the new location and facilities would help improve his business opportunities.

Enter the Cell Phone Dead Zone!

Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that his new office was located in one of those frustrating cell phone dead zones; a large commercial space where his brand-new smart phone could barely achieve one bar of service; even though his phone was operating on one of the most popular cell phone carriers in the U.S.

For him, this became an absolute nightmare. "For someone like me who’s on their phone constantly, the situation was unbearable. There was barely enough signal to send texts or email, and every other call was a dropped call: It really felt like we had gone back to the early days of cell phones when they were so unreliable", John said.

So what was the problem? Well, part of the problem was the building, because of its cinder block construction. The other contributing factor was that the carrier towers in the business park where John had moved his business to, were few and far between. The combination of these two factors had virtually made this building space a cell-phone-free-zone. It is not exactly what he was looking for, when he made the decision to move his business elsewhere within New York state.

John added: "It actually became very embarrassing because my clients often couldn’t get through to me, and every call I would make to a client would become a dropped call. So I ended up getting heaps of voicemails when I was either in my car or outside the building, because it was only those places that I was able to get better service. So there I was, standing outside in the snow, trying to make phone calls!"

John, You’re Not Alone!

It wasn’t long before John discovered that he was not alone with his cell phone problems; everyone working in the building was affected by bad cellular service. It became quite stressful for most employees because, regardless of which carrier they were using, the result was still the same. They were forced to rely on landlines or use a spotty Wi-Fi system whilst working in the office: Each one of them expressed their frustration at being disconnected while trying to work. 

Charles Schumer, New York's senior Democratic senator asked upstate New York residents to report cell phone service problem areas earlier this year, and received roughly 4,800 valid responses. He released the reported cell phone dead zone locations on Wednesday, on September 7th which ironically happened to be the first day of CTIA 2016 show. 

John's state senator said that he would send the report to the federal regulators. He said he would also send it to the wireless carriers that provide cellular service in New York - Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and América Móvil (Tracfone). 

The report was derived from a crowd-sourcing project that the senator's staff conducted over the last several months using the data provided by Upstate New York constituents who were asked to report locations with none or only limited cell phone service.

Because John was an independent contractor, he decided to take matters into his own hands - No one knew better than him, that his business was 100% dependent on strong, reliable, and unlimited cellular access.

Taking Care of Business.

John did some research on why there was such poor cellular reception in his new work environment, because, let us face it, his business was never going to grow without reliable cell coverage. He soon discovered that the best solution to his problem was a Commercial Signal Amplifier.

He found out that most carriers are happy to offer small-sized cell phone signal boosting equipment to their customers (sometimes for free) when the location, building materials, or other factors negate the quality of cell signal. However, he felt that this would not be sufficient for his particular problem, and he continued looking for a more formal, high-powered solution to improve both data and call access.

According to him, "I spend quite a bit of time in the warehouse demonstrating vehicle features to potential clients or preparing incoming cars, and it was very important to me to have a system for improving cell signals over a large area – and not just in my office". His research led him to buy Wilson Pro 70, an affordable commercial signal amplifier system for the entire office space consisting of approximately 25,000 sq. ft. He learnt that there's a commercial signal amplifier available such as Wilson 4000R that can even boost reception to up to 100,000 sq. ft. of indoor space. But he realized that he did not need such a unit because WilsonPro 70's 25k square feet of amplified coverage would suffice.

Shared Benefits.

John recognized that not only the salespeople and service team members would benefit from reliable access to cell phone signals, but it would also benefit the customers who visited the dealership. The new shared booster system turned out to be a great investment indeed, and boosted business for the whole dealership.

What’s more, the new freestanding cell phone signal booster system was hugely successful in both enhancing and amplifying cell phone signals from all the carriers in the vicinity. All the employees and visitors to the dealership were now able to access fast streaming data and make clear mobile calls.

What a Difference!

"We really couldn’t believe the difference it made", John said. "Gone were the days of dropped phone calls, no more freezing cold trips outside trying to get the phone to work, and no more missed voice mails. The new cell phone signal booster system has been a lifesaver and it is exactly what we needed. Everyone at the dealership loves how well their cell phones now work."

Perhaps your business should consider improving connectivity in the workplace by investing in a Cell Phone Signal Booster System as well. As John says, "It really and truly has changed our lives".

Please ask about our innovative cellphone signal booster systems. Having a strong and reliable cell phone reception can do a lot of good to your business. Just ask John!

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