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Simple Steps for ​Improving Cell Phone Reception.

Posted by on May 15, 2015

Instant reception improvement


Whatever you’re doing – STOP! If you’re walking, stop moving. If you’re driving, pull over (in a safe place of course) and park for a few minutes. It makes sense, because when you stop moving, your network and phone don’t need to continually adjust to your changing location; thus making it easier to receive, and maintain – a strong signal.

Try Changing Location.

See if you get a better reception by moving to a different room in your home. In the workplace, move into the hallway or to the other side of the office. We know that cellular signals fluctuate within buildings, so you can often find a better reception by moving to a different location within your own building.

Go to a Window.

You may get a better reception by standing near a window: we know that building materials like metal and concrete are obstructive to cellular signals and windows (glass) may allow signals to pass through more readily. If there’s no obvious improvement, go stand near another window, and so on. If you know where your cell carrier’s nearest tower is located then find a window on the side of the building closest to the tower.

Go Higher!

When you increase your elevation you’re reducing any chance of obstruction which may reduce your reception. Cell-phone signals work by line-of-site, so any obstructions between the tower and you can (and do) block, or substantially weaken, the signal you will receive. Therefore, if you’re driving, try to park in a high spot to make your call; and if you can, go to the highest part of your office building or home, and your reception should improve dramatically.

Go Outside!

There comes a time when you just have to give up and head outside to receive or make your call. As mentioned, anything between the tower and you can reduce reception, so if nothing else works maybe you will have to park the car and step outside. Or take the lift down the 14 floors of your apartment or office building and go out into an open area.

Obviously this is not ideal (nor convenient) but if you simply must make or take a call, this will reduce any potential obstructions. Standing in a traffic jam or wet, wintery weather is definitely not a great situation to be in, but it does work!

Have You Tried a Mobile Service Map Tool?

Did you know that you can download apps, or locate websites, that will show you the exact locations of cell towers in your area for all the different carriers? Knowing where your nearest tower is means you can take the proper steps to reduce possible obstructions between you and the tower, thus improving reception. To locate these tools, just use your favorite Search Engine or go to your App Store – you will see that there are many options to choose from.

Use the Above Guidelines in Combination.

Obviously, the more of the above tips you can combine, the more chances you have, of dramatically increasing your cell reception.

And Finally: There are Technological Solutions for Improving Reception

If you’re still having problems you may have to use technology to improve your cell-phone reception. Depending in your specific situation, some options might include –

  • A Femtocell, also known as a Microcell;
  • Wi-Fi Calling; or

Each of the above has their own specific advantages, so we will go into these further in another post.

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