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Increase Cell Signal Strength for Foresters & Forestry Technicians

Posted by on Dec 19, 2017

Are you a forester or a forestry technician? Well, then you know how it is like to spend most of your work-time wandering in locations with weak cell phone signals.

Increase Cell Signal Strength for Foresters and Forestry Technicians

The Dilemma.

As a forester or forestry technician, you spend much of your time outdoors, travelling deep into distant forests and woodlands where it is really difficult to get a decent cell phone connection. This is a serious problem and could impede you from carrying out your basic tasks.

When you are conducting surveys, measuring or analyzing vast stretches of forest land, you need to be in touch with your co-workers and with the office by cell phone. A strong cell phone connection is not a luxury for you, but it is a basic necessity, without which it is difficult to do your job.

This is especially true in case of an emergency. What if there was a wild fire and you were forced into action? You must have the cell phone working well as you will need to communicate constantly with different members of your team and with the fire department to ensure that things don't get any worse and there is no serious damage to the wildlife.

You cannot do without a decent cell signal in such cases. A dropped call at this juncture is no joke. It could leave thousands of wild animals in a very vulnerable position. The consequences of a delay in action at this state are catastrophic, to say the least.

Similarly, what if one of your coworkers was to get bitten by a snake and you had to summon help and find out at this precise moment that you cannot get any connection on your phone because of the weak cell signals?

This is a life and death situation, and it is during times such as these when you wish there was a way to improve the cell phone signal strength. But how? How to boost cell phone signal strength?

First, let us understand what the problem is all about – why you are not getting cell phone signals of a decent quality when you are out in the forests or some remote woodland.

The Facts: Here’s what you should know.

Cellular signals are basically radio frequency (or RF) signals. Just as other RF signals, they can be affected by a number of things such as interference from the hills and mountains, thickly forested areas, stormy weather conditions, and most pertinently, distance from the nearest cell tower.

It doesn’t take much for the cell service to get affected as you move through the forest, from one post to another. So, how to improve cell phone signal strength?

The Solution.

Here’s what most foresters and forestry technicians in the United States and Canada do – they use cell phone signal boosters. Cell phone signal boosters are products that are available to help Foresters and Forestry technicians have maximum possible access to life saving cellular communication signals.

Cell phone booster gives an option to go to car to make that urgent call.

Cell phone booster gives an option to go to car to make that urgent call

How a cell phone booster helps increase signal strength?

A signal booster is a highly effective device which takes the existing cell signal, whether it is 2G, 3G or 4G LTE and amplifies it by 32X times. Once the signals have been boosted, they are rebroadcasted into the house, office or car.

You may consider these devices to be type of loudspeaker which amplifies weak cellular signals, making them much stronger, so that they can be accessed by your phone.

But remember: For a cell phone amplifier or repeater to work, there has to be at least some signal, however weak. This device does not produce a strong cellular signal out of nowhere; it only amplifies or improves an existing signal, no matter how weak it is, by 32X times.

Therefore, if there're absolutely no cell towers anywhere close to the area and there is no cellular signal at all, then a cell phone repeater cannot do much.

However, this should not be an issue as long as you are in the USA or Canada as the major telecom companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Bell Canada, Roger Wireless, etc. have basically covered every inch of land in North America.

Therefore, even if you get weak cellular signals as you move through a heavily forested region, it is unlikely that you are not going to get any signal.


The cell phone repeaters from Wilson Electronics sold by us at CellPhoneSignalBoooster.us will give you a better signal, better connection, faster and more reliable internet. They work equally well for home, office, car or truck. You can have these devices on your vehicle or in a cottage or a cabin in a remote forest area.

They are carrier proof and can function well on any carrier in the USA and Canada. There are no monthly fees on these devices; you only have to make a one-time purchase. You don’t need any Wi-Fi, landline or broadband connection as long as you install a cell phone repeater.

All cell phone extenders sold by us are Designed & Engineered in USA, so you don’t have to worry about their quality. They are based on a 100% legit technology and are approved by all major carriers. Plus, our devices come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty

Do have a look at indoor cell phone signal boosters and outdoor cell phone signal boosters for foresters and forestry technicians.

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