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Install Cell Phone Signal Booster in your Ranch

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016

Ranch Cell Phone Signal Booster

Does it help to install signal booster in ranch when there is little or no cell phone reception?

There are many cattle ranches and hunting lodges in Texas and elsewhere in United States that host guests for trophy hunting on their land or raise and sell grass-fed beef. One of our earliest clients, Hugh and Elise bought one such ranch in a distant location in Texas several years ago.

The ranch had everything going for it and was very popular with guests, except for the fact that it received little or no cell phone reception. The nearest cell phone tower belonging to AT&T was several miles away. While there was a cell phone reception, it was extremely weak and very hard for any cell phone to pick.

The phone service at the ranch was a real problem and Hugh and Elise feared that it was driving guests away. Cell phones are integral to everyone’s plans and most cannot live without a cell phone connection for too long. Ironically, even those looking for an off-the-grid vacation realize and expect to have a 100% cell phone connection. They get irritated every time there’s a dropped call. Everyone does. Don’t you?

It is not just about that. The government has made it mandatory for every building or commercial establishment to have provisions for emergency communication services. So you must have a proper cell phone reception in at least some areas in your ranch or farm so that you can call safety services such as fire, ambulance or the law enforcement whenever needed.

Hugh and Elise were pushed to desperation because of the weak cell phone reception at their ranch and frantically tried every solution they could find, but without much success. Remember, this was a few years ago, and cell phone boosters were not as popular then as they are now. Also, cell phone amplifiers back then were not certified by the FCC as a legitimate technology as they are today.

Ranching is a great and healthy lifestyle for ranchers, cattlemen, and stock growers but it has its challenges. However, this challenge of inability to communicate wirelessly across large distances with one another where for example one is feeding the horses in the barn, etc. was the one that can be avoided.

Finally, we received a call from Hugh, who explained his situation to us and asked if we could help. Certainly, we said. We had been installing cell phone amplifiers across the United States and Canada since the time the technology was introduced and was very new. We had already established a strong partnership with Wilson Electronics, who are the first company to take cell phone amplifiers seriously and are today the leading makers of boosters for cell phone and Wi-Fi systems.

We asked Hugh for an accurate description of his ranch and based on our inspection of the place, we were able to design an appropriate solution for it. Barracks, cottages, sheds, barns, and similar structures in the ranch covered an area of over 50,000 sq. feet, so we had to install multiple powerful boosters for it.

Today, the boosters are far more powerful than they used to be 4 or 5 years ago. They are capable of covering a much wider area and picking up even the weakest possible signal.

The trick to installing boosters in a ranch is to place one in each structure to pick up the weak signal from outside and channelling it inside. As long as there is at least some reception in the outside perimeter, this gets picked up by the booster inside which repeats it and multiplies it many fold – even the slightest reception gets picked up and becomes strong enough to be usable to make a call or send text messages.

The lower the strength of the reception outside, the higher decibel rating booster needs to be installed. Similarly, the higher the sq. feet area within structures of the ranch, higher is the requirement for a more powerful booster.

Most amplifiers installed by us come with the extremely powerful “Yagi” antennas, which can be pointed towards the cell tower and draw signals from up to 50 miles away.

Did we succeed? Oh yes, we did! We were able to improve the cell phone connectivity at Hugh and Elise’s place to 95% -100%. They have remained our most loyal customers and have since gotten the latest boosting solutions installed by us.

We have had many cell phone boosting systems installed in many ranches and farms across the country since then. We make sure that all employees and guests are able to get enough bars to make a call or use mobile internet at reasonable speed (preferably five bars) on their smart phones and get much better voice and data service than they currently receive.

CellPhoneSignalBooster.us is owned and operated by Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC., based in Houston, Texas, USA. We are a Wilson Electronics-certified installer. We are the go to source for cellular enhancement for large homes, farms and businesses across the United States. You can depend on our experts, who are certified installers of these systems and do so at an affordable price.

If your requirements are much beyond those that are delivered by our standard coverage kits, you can always have a customized cell phone booster system designed and installed by us. It will certainly improve reception to your desired areas. We may use a combination of multiple boosters to expand the cellular coverage at your ranch to as much as needed.

It doesn’t matter where you are located within the USA and Canada, we provide our installation services nationwide within both nations, done by an experienced and highly skilled Wilson Electronics certified installers.

What do we need from you? We want you to submit the requested information in this form. We need you to submit basic information such as the coverage area and reception strength, apart from your name, address of the property and contact number.

Click here to see how to measure the strength of the cellular reception.

We work with every client individually and help resolve the issue on a timely basis. We are fully capable of handling any challenge related to the reception and use our knowledge and experience picked over years of service to your benefit. We have the friendliest representatives that assist you with your requirements by answering your queries and clearing your doubts to your complete satisfaction.

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