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​Install external signal boosting antenna on a building or a house

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015

Install External Antenna

How do you find nearby cell towers and how to correctly place an outside antenna? Correct outside antenna placement is crucial when setting up a signal booster system because that allows you to achieve maximum cell coverage inside the home or building.

It is important to install outside antenna in the location on the house or building with the best cell signal. To begin, locate the side of the home or building where you receive the strongest signal reading. Using the Wilson RF Signal Detector, you can find the location where the signal is strongest. Review how to use Radio Frequency Signal Detector at the same product listing page. Please view that same product listing for details on how to find the proper frequencies for your installation location. If you do not have a cell phone signal detector, you can find the location of the strongest cellular location in several other ways as listed below.

Some phones have a signal strength test mode that will output an accurate reading of the received signal strength. Signal strength is displayed in decibels and will appear as a negative number. The closer that number is to zero, the stronger the signal. For example, a signal of -70 is stronger than a signal of -80. Using this method, you can walk around the building and note the location where you receive the strongest signal. To find out how to put a particular phone model into test mode, go to field test mode blog listing for instructions. Furthermore, there are numerous apps that will help you find the location of nearby cell phone towers as well as help you find the best signal area at your install location. We recommend Open Signal Maps. You can check the bar indicator on your cell phone display and note the location where your signal strength appears to be the greatest. Be sure to be patient because most phones take 30 seconds or more to update the signal graph on your cell phone.

Once you have found the location where the signal is strongest, you will want to find the nearest cell tower so you can aim the antenna in the proper direction. The tower will most likely be in the same direction as the side of the home or building where the strongest signal was received. You can also find nearby cell towers by visiting a number of websites and entering your current location. We recommend cellreception.com, opensignalmaps.com and antennasearch.com.

Now that you have found the location with the strongest signal and a location of the nearest cell tower, you are ready to install your outside antenna. Mount the outside antenna in the location of the strongest signal and as high as possible on the roof of the home or building. If you are installing a directional antenna, point it in the direction of the nearest cell tower before securing it in place. If you are installing an omni directional antenna, you will not need to aim the antenna as omni directional antennae capture the cell signal from all directions.

Once the outside antenna has been installed, attach the cable and run it into the house or building and proceed with installation process. After the installation process is completed, further adjustments and fine tuning to the outside antenna can be made.

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