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Installation of weBoost Home 3G 4G Connect 3G-X 4G-X Booster.

Posted by on Apr 03, 2017

In a few short steps, learn how to install a weBoost Home 3G, 4G and Connect 3G-X, 4G-X cell phone signal boosters in your home or building. Quick installation guide with easy to follow steps are listed below the video along with an illustrated diagram for installing these in-home cell phone signal amplifier kits. Installation process is same for all of these cell phone booster kits. Intrinsic differences between them are related to the respective amplifier's boosting capabilities as stated below:

  • Home 3G boosts voice and 3G data.
  • Home 4G boosts voice, 3G, and 4G data signals.
  • Connect 3G and 3G-X boost voice and 3G data (More powerful than Home 3G).
  • Connect 4G and 4G-X boosts voice, 3G, and 4G data signals (More powerful than Home 4G).
  • Connect 3G-X is more powerful than Connect 3G.
  • Connect 4G-X is more powerful than Connect 4G.
  • All weBoost "Connect" booster kits are more powerful than all weBoost "Home" booster kits.

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Quick Installation Guide:

1. Select a location on the roof of the building to install the Outside Antenna. Make sure the antenna is clear of obstructions that could block the signal from the nearest cellular tower.

2. Select a location to install the Connect 4G-X Signal Booster that is well ventilated and away from excessive heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.

3. Select a location for the Inside Antenna that is in the center of the area where the signal needs to be amplified and a minimum of 20 vertical feet or 50 horizontal feet from the Outside Antenna.

4. Run the coax cable from the Outside Antenna to the Signal Booster and attach it to the connector labeled "Outside Antenna". Connect another coax cable to the connector labeled "Inside Antenna" and run it to the Inside Antenna. NOTE: Be careful not to bend the center pins on the connectors when securing connections.

5. Once you have ensured all connections are tight, connect the Signal Booster to a surge protected power strip with at least a 1000 Joule rating to protect your equipment from power surges and lightning strikes.

6. If your Home 3G, 4G and Connect 3G, 4G, 3G-X, 4G-X signal amplifier is working correctly, the lights will be green. If the lights are not green, see the "Troubleshooting" section in your user manual. You can find online versions of those user guides at the respective product listing page links provided above, under the tab, "item info".

installation of your weboost home 3g 4g or connect 3g 4g 3g-x 4g-x signal booster.

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