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Installation video: Install Truck Cell Phone Booster in RV.

Posted by on Feb 26, 2017

Let us watch installation video to install truck cell phone signal booster in a RV recreational vehicle. Simple step by step instructions illustrated for easy understanding of installation process. Press, "play" on the video below or read step by step instructions provided below it for help with installing your truck cell phone signal booster in your RV. For this installation, we're using the Drive 4G-X signal booster kit with addition of the spring mount 4G-OTR antenna.

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Features of the truck cell phone signal booster.

This antenna is designed for mounting on a truck mirror so it has added height to help you get up above the RV and capture the best signal possible. Because this antenna has a spring, it also has some shock absorption and sway associated with it - Which is perfect for RVs if you should happen to hit a tree branch or something against the antenna. It also has some extra gain which will help you improve your signal even more.

Installation of the booster.

In video, we mounted the 4G-OTR antenna on the roof of the camper near the rear. The booster and inside antenna are located inside the camper on the front end. Every installation in an RV is going to be slightly different. We just wanted to show you the basic idea of how you install a booster in an RV and give you some ideas in above placed video. With that, you can take these ideas and create a booster set up that will work for your specific RV.

The location of exterior antenna: When mounting external antenna, the location was very important. We wanted to put it high enough to get maximum a signal but we didn't have anything to install it on. Therefore, we installed a 5-inch rod to mount antenna to give it maximum clearance. It was very easy once the rod was installed. We simply screwed it on and tightened it up, and then it was good to go.

Running the wires: Once we got the antenna mounted, we needed to run the cord in the bottom of antenna into the camper so we ran it behind our solar panels and into where we have the cord input section. Once the wire was run inside, we just pulled it in through and tucked it beneath the trim. Then we ran it all the way to the weBoost signal booster. In our 16-foot camper, we don't have much space, but it was easy to mount the signal amplifier right to the wall and gave it access to the cords and to the antenna coming down which we mounted right below it.

Installing interior antenna: We installed interior antenna at the front of our camper below the weBoost signal booster. It was at opposite end of the camper like our exterior antenna. Our roof is made of fiberglass so that doesn't provide any shielding from the two antennas communicating with each other. Therefore, the separation was important.

Why is separation important?

If your antennas are too close together, they will interfere with each another and cause oscillation or feedback. This will cause your signal booster to lower its output power until they are no longer oscillating or their signals bouncing off to each other, or it may shut down completely. If your RV's roof is metal, it will act as a barrier blocking the signal from the two antennas from reaching each other. If it is not metal like in our case, you will need to provide adequate separation between both internal and external antennas. To help this situation, avoid pointing both antennas towards each other to prevent oscillation.

One of the main reasons we install interior antenna at the front is because this is where we do all of our work and most of our phone conversations occur in the front few seats. We get a good range of coverage inside our whole living area of the camper. We're able to keep our hot spot right here in the front section inside the camper and make phone calls.

If you still have any questions, give us a call and we would be glad to talk to you about it or view the video shown above for more information and demonstration of how to install a truck cell phone signal booster in a RV.

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