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Installing a Cell Phone Booster in Your Vehicle Like a Pro!

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016

Install car cell signal booster like a Pro!

Quick & easy steps to install a cell phone signal booster in your vehicle like a Pro:

1. Professionals always do a "soft" install prior to the permanent installation. What we mean by a "soft" install is to place the booster kit in your chosen location within and on your car or truck, run the antenna cords from the booster unit to the antenna locations, then run the power cord to the power outlet you have chosen to use. The idea of doing this first is so that you will know for certain that all the components will fit and connect as per the requirements.

2. Next, place the booster unit in your chosen location: Generally, a booster is placed in an inconspicuous location (like under a seat) where it can be easily accessed, if required.

3. The magnetic tower antenna should be placed on the roof of your vehicle. The reason why it is placed on the roof is because the metal acts as a shield. If you were to choose the trunk deck lid as a location to place the magnetic antenna, it could well pick up the signals of your device antenna located inside the vehicle, through the rear window. The crossing of antenna signals will create a feedback loop-condition known as oscillation, and oscillation is capable of damaging the cellular network. It won't actually damage the network because your booster will power down or lower the gain to prevent that from happening per software programming as required by FCC and Industry Canada.

FCC and Industry Canada require that all cell signal boosters be capable of auto-detecting oscillation. When oscillation is detected by a booster, it immediately reduces power (and therefore signal boost) until the condition has been corrected. If this does not work, the booster will shut down and will remain that way until oscillation has been corrected. There is only one way to prevent or correct oscillation and that is to move the two antennas further apart, or to use a shield (like the roof of your vehicle) between them, so they are unable to pick up each other's signals.

4. Now that you have decided on the location of the device antenna, secure this inside the vehicle. If you require the booster to provide signal to your passengers, it is advisable to secure the device antenna in a central location, thereby distributing signal to all occupants of the vehicle.

5. Now run the cord from each antenna to the booster unit, making sure the power is disconnected. Then each antenna can be connected to its proper connection on the booster unit. You will see that the connections are clearly labelled. It is important that the power is disconnected prior to connecting any antenna to the booster unit. Failure to do this can damage the booster.

6. The power cord can now be run from the booster to the power outlet. However, do not plug it in at this point. Prior to plugging in, you may wish to hide any additional power cord.

Please Note: You should plug the power cord into the booster first, then the other end can be plugged into the power outlet. If you have a cord that is connected to power and you plug it into your booster, it could well damage the unit. Always ensure that the power cord is disconnected from the power outlet prior to plugging into the booster unit.

7. When you're happy that everything is installed as per your requirements, and the antennas and power cord have been connected to the booster unit, you can then plug the power cord into the power outlet.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed your custom vehicle installation!

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