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Installing weBoost Drive 4G single user and multi user kit

Posted by on Apr 17, 2015

Congratulations on purchasing your new  weBoost Drive 4G single-user cradle booster or Drive 3G Flex and Drive 4G or Drive 4G-X multi-user kit. In a few short steps, we will show you how to install these powerful signal boosters in your vehicle. Soon you will be connected wherever the road takes you, because it works for all phones from all Carriers in USA and Canada except Nextel in United States. There are three components you will need to install to get your signal boost up and running: The outside antenna, the signal booster, and in some cases, the inside antenna.

To begin, place the magnet mount antenna on the roof of your vehicle at least a foot away from the windows or other antennas. Run the cable inside the vehicle and to the location where you will be mounting the booster. Next install the signal booster. You will be securing your phone to the dashboard using the supplied mounting cradle. Use the alcohol cleaning pad to clean the area where you will be mounting the cradle booster. Remove the backing from the mounting bracket and press it firmly in place. Continue pressing for about 30 seconds. For the strongest bond, allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours before using the cradle. Place the booster on the bracket and connect the outside antenna. Finally, connect the booster to a power supply and you're done!

If your booster is not a cradle, such as the weBoost Drive 3G Flex, and weBoost Drive 4G or Drive 4G-X multi-user kit, the installation will be the same except that you will have one additional step of installing inside antenna. Install the antenna inside the vehicle near where you will need the strongest signal. The antenna can be mounted on the dash, the seat, even under the seat lining, wherever you see fit. Run the cable from the inside antenna to the location where you will be mounting the signal booster. Connect the inside and outside antennas to the booster. The booster can be mounted securely or simply tucked away under a seat and out of sight. Make sure to leave enough room for adequate ventilation. Connect the booster to a power supply and you're done.

That's it - Your weBooster is now up and running, keeping you connected wherever life takes you. If you should have any questions about your installation or need any help, feel free to call our Customer Support at 800-501-3153 or email us at sales (at) cellphonesignalbooster (dot) us. We hope this blog post has been helpful to you in getting you set up with your weBoost signal booster.

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