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Isn't 4G LTE Amazing? Here's what 5G (and 5G Signal Booster) can do!

Posted by on Jan 18, 2016

5G Cell Phone Signal Booster Ready

It is 2016 - it takes a lot to shock and amaze us.

In my lifetime, I have seen a transition from rotary phones to remote handset landlines and then a standard "flip phone" mobile device to an all-out "do-it-all" smart device that allows me to Google anything I want 24/7.

We're well into the Digital Age and our world has made remarkable advances in wireless technology. Even so, every time a new cell phone comes out or a company announces a new portable device guaranteed to simplify and organize our lives, there's always a part of us that says. "Yes, but it doesn't allow us to teleport yet, does it?". Then we yawn and go about our day.

Long past the, "Can you hear me now?" days, we have ventured into an age where the entire world is just a tap away on our preferred smart device like the latest and greatest Apple iPhone 6S Plus, or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (look at the similarities in these respective company's flagship models - Apple's 6S Plus and Samsung's S6 Plus!). Anyway, we no longer merely expect our phones to allow us to carry on a good conversation. We want texting, movies, music, television, and the entire internet at our disposal 24/7 no matter where we are, worldwide!

And although most of our smart devices offer us just that, there are always those irritating moments when we have a glitch in signal, we drop a call, our devices drain their battery life as they strain to maintain an acceptable signal to continue to stream our favorite playlist, or we lose our entire text or email because it failed to send.

It is for this reason that we are already looking to the next generation of wireless networks to bring us improved signal and data streaming capabilities.

Another one? Didn’t 4G just launch?

Yes, it did. And to be perfectly honest, 4G LTE is pretty incredible. We get high speed downloads to our mobile devices, smooth phone and internet connection, as well as all the videos and playlists that we can stream. So how could someone possibly improve on this latest generation?

It turns out that this is a topic of great debate. The combination of 4G and LTE improved our wireless signal and service so much that there are concerns that further advancements wouldn't actually do much to improve upon the already top notch speeds.

So what CAN we expect from 5G?

The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance has laid out a list of requirements and expectations of how 5G should improve upon 4G.

• "Data rates of several tens of megabits per second should be supported for tens of thousands of users.
• 1 gigabit per second to be offered simultaneously to many workers on the same office floor.
• Several hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections to be supported for massive sensor deployments.
• Spectral efficiency should be significantly enhanced compared to 4G.
• Coverage should be improved.
• Signalling efficiency should be enhanced.
• Latency should be reduced significantly compared to LTE."(1)

Wikipedia breaks this down further for those of us who found themselves re-reading the above bullet points several times in an attempt to fully grasp the technical terms used:

"… higher number of simultaneously connected devices, higher system spectral efficiency (data volume per area unit), lower battery consumption, lower outage probability (better coverage), high bit rates in larger portions of the coverage area, lower latencies, higher number of supported devices, lower infrastructure deployment costs, higher versatility and scalability, or higher reliability of communication …" (2)

While the next generation of wireless technology was not anticipated until 2020, one of our beloved cell phone providers has recently made an exciting announcement! Verizon has made significant advancements in the field and has already begun field testing with an expected commercial launch in 2017.

Three years ahead of schedule? Talk about impressive!

And thanks to Cnet.com, we have a good idea of just how much of an improvement we will be looking at.

"How fast is 5G? Verizon's tests have shown a connection speed that is 30 to 50 times faster than our current 4G network, or higher speeds than what Google Fiber offers through a direct physical connection into the home, Gurnani said.

With 5G, that copy of the movie "The Guardians of the Galaxy" would zip to your device in 15 seconds instead of 6 minutes via 4G." (3)

But 5G doesn’t stop there:

"There are other key benefits. It is far more responsive, so the precise hand movements of a surgeon in Tokyo could be transferred to New York in real time. It is supposed to be more power-efficient, so devices are expected to last 10 times as long. Carriers will also be able to send more data across a fatter pipe, so a hit TV show like HBO's "Game of Thrones" will stream just fine even if millions of other people are watching too."(4)

No more buffering. No more waiting for better signal. No more long download times. And the implications are even more impressive for someone trying to build and run a business on the go.

What does 5G mean for businesses?

5G won’t simply deliver quicker communication time from business to business or even business to consumer. With this next generation, we might be able to take customer service experiences and teleconferences to a whole new level.

According to Tech.co, just a few of the benefits that businesses can expect to receive from the 5G network are:

1. "Businesses can communicate in 3D.
2. Customer service will be improved.
3. A higher number of devices can be supported at once.
4. 5G opens up new advertising capabilities.
5. Smart devices could become an important part of the retail experience.” (5)

Consider this: You're looking to buy a new car. Shopping for cars is always a fun and exciting experience - until you get to the dealership. Sometimes you just want to take your time, look around, and search for your new car in peace. But salesmen are looking for that golden ticket (A.K.A., "Commission") and they are not always concerned with getting you the car that will suit you the best. They want a quick sale, for you and for them.

So what if you could keep your search within your home until you had your, oh say, top two choices picked out?

With 5G, you could very well have the possibility of test driving vehicles from the comfort of your own home. Taking a 3D virtual tour of the car and taking it out for a virtual spin would be a piece of cake with this new generation of wireless technology. You could test drive as many cars as you want without spending two or three weekends in a row at a dealership!

Talk about an improved buying experience…

What you haven’t considered in regards to wireless technology

While you won't be able to request that Siri "beam you up" or jump into "hyper speed", 5G will offer a lot of new possibilities for those of us who are looking for something a little more exciting than improved data streaming.

Pipelinepub.com believes that we shouldn't only be looking to our smart devices when it comes to the next generation of wireless technology. By the time 5G actually launches, there may be a whole new host of electronics ready to use the advancements it brings.

"Mobile traffic today is driven by somewhat predictable activities: Making calls, receiving email, surfing the web, and watching videos. Over the next 5 to 10 years, billions of new devices with less predictable traffic patterns will join the network, including cars, machine-to-machine (M2M) modules, video surveillance that requires 24-7 bandwidth, or even a biohazard sensor that sends out tiny bits of data each day. Stir in the effects of the meteoric rise of cloud computing and it is easy to see why new network strategies will be crucial to the fifth evolution of mobile." (6)

So maybe come 2020, we will be able to ask Siri to parallel park for us. That would definitely take my admiration of her to a whole new level!

Thinking back over the past five years and seeing how far cell phones, computers, tablets, and other smart devices have come, it is more than a little exciting to think about just how far our technology will take us in the next five to ten years. New devices may launch that we have never imagined in our wildest dreams. 5G could very well make the possibilities endless.


Conclusion of 5G Signal Booster Ready

With each new year that passes, the advancements in technology becomes more ground breaking and more staggering than ever - For example, consider our powerful signal pumping commercial grade cell phone signal boosters providing up to a whopping 50,000 sq. ft. of boosted reception in large structures such as shopping malls. We all eagerly await the next announcement of what we can expect the scientific community to bring us, not only in wireless technology, but in a whole host of other areas such as comfort, organization, health, entertainment, and even energy/resource savings.

With the 5G network still being on the horizon, it is difficult to foresee what types of drawbacks or hiccups we might face after its launch. Searching for the best area in our home with the strongest signal may still be a dilemma. And while roaming is a thing of the past, we all notice those "low spots" on our daily commute that cause us to drop calls or prevent us from receiving an important phone call or email on time. These may still be a problem with the 5G network.

Which is why it is best to know what other options are out there for you. I recommend taking the following precautionary steps to ensure that you're never without coverage and that you will have smooth and uninterrupted data streaming regardless of your location.

• Take appropriate measures to ensure that you phone always has a decent battery charge level.

• Double check that there's nothing in your area interfering with your signal (for a complete list of possibilities, view our several blog posts on this topic).

• Take the final step and invest in a high quality and reliable Signal Booster that is compatible with the network you're currently using, as well as the latest 5G LTE Signal Booster, Repeater, and Amplifier (Futureproof, because the ones marked 4G also would work great as 5G cell phone signal boosters).

By considering these steps, you can rest assured that no emails will slip through the cracks and no phone calls will be missed or dropped (at least on your end). And yes, most of the time it is not the end of the world if a phone call is dropped, but for those of us who run businesses on the go, maintaining a professional appearance and attitude, no matter where we are, is vital to the well-being and success of our company.

Although it does not appear that the 5G network will bring a new level of smart device that will allow us to teleport to and from work, giving the shortest commute time possible, it does appear that we can expect some pretty amazing advancements from this next generation of wireless networks.

And while I assume that there's some scientist out there hard at work on the concept of teleportation (at least I hope so), for now, we will have to be content to watch as a company gets ready to begin testing the next generation of wireless technology.

So here's to the next 5 years. May they bring us a 5G network that will blow our minds and lighten our smart devices' work load.

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