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Let's Talk About Cell Phone Signal Electromagnetic Radiation

Posted by on Jul 29, 2014

Lead–based paints. Lawn darts. Cyclamates. DDT. Smog. Over the years, people have discovered that things that were part of their daily lives were actually very harmful to them. As technology makes our world smaller, we hear of new dangers. It becomes quite a task to determine which things are actually harmful to us, and which ones we can safely use without having to wear aluminum foil helmets. One of these areas is the discussion about the radiation coming from our cell phones perhaps causing cancer. Several government agencies have weighed in on this discussion. Let us talk about the current knowledge on this and demonstrate that use of cell phone signal boosters might actually lead to reduction in the radiation being emitted from your cell phone. Surprised? We were, too!

Let us talk about cell phone signal electromagnetic radiation.

Who has done the research, what is their credibility, and what are their findings?

Located a few miles north of Emory University, in Atlanta, is the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as the CDC. They are known for their scholarly studies of health issues, and their impact on Americans. They are unbiased and apolitical. As more and more people became concerned about any risks the radiation emitted by cell phones might cause, the CDC began a comprehensive study of the issue. Their finding? They found no evidence that provides a solid answer to that question. Some groups urge caution in cell phone use. It was stated that more study is needed before we know if using cell phones causes damage to humans. Later studies were able to shed more light on this issue.

Most recent research and an analogy so we can fully understand the results.

When a cell phone signal is weak, the device has to work harder to pick a signal by emitting more radiation. A good analogy is when you're driving your car. To pick up speed, you have to make the engine work harder by stepping on the gas. This causes more exhaust to be emitted from the tailpipe. A cell phone booster is like driving downhill. You pick up speed without emitting more exhaust.

The Food and Drug Administration contracted the National Institute of Environmental Health Studies, to the tune of $25 million, to study the situation. The results were significant. They found that the current safety standards for cellphones were acceptable for protecting public health. Despite the fact that the vast majority of adults use their phones quite a bit, the study did not find an increase in the incidence of tumors in humans. There was, however, an interesting side result. Rats and mice were exposed to very high, constant doses of cellphone radiation. Researchers found that there was a slight increase in the incidence of heart tumors in the male rats. But they also found that these same rats lived longer. Maybe it was because the male rats made more calls to their friends(!) Social interaction has been proven in another study to help longevity.

Jokes aside, the study confirmed that radiation levels rose when cell phone signals were weak. Cell phone boosters reduced radiation levels caused by weak signals. They do this by "boosting" the signal your phone is trying to receive. With the need to search for a signal eliminated, the smartphone won't release as much radiation.

Therefore, we can infer that cell phone boosters reduce the radiation coming from your cellphone. They obviously also improve the quality of your calls and reduce the number of dropped calls. This eliminates the need to wear an aluminum foil helmet while you use your cell phone. Nevertheless, due to inconclusive research - We do recommend:

  • Use "speaker phone" or handsfree headset when talking on cell phones to minimize radiation exposure to head.
  • Minimize the length of calls when using cellphones (or cordless phones for that matter because they emit radiation as well).
  • Keep them away from children unless absolutely necessary. In children and teenagers, cells multiply at a mind boggling rate and common sense tells us that any interference to that process cannot be a good thing.


Please weigh in your perspective with your valuable comments below, to share with other readers. Thank you!

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