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Looking for New Office Premises? Signal Survey is Essential!

Posted by on Sep 08, 2016

Cell phone signal site survey

Even signal boosters will not help if there is no reception even outside the building too. Therefore, cell signal site survey is essential before buying a property or even renting one.

It can be both time-consuming and frustrating looking for new office premises: It is not simply a matter of picking up and starting afresh. First, you have to find a suitable location for your office premises, then there’s the sorting and packing of office equipment, furniture and stationery, and then the final move.

It can be very stressful and time-consuming, and all the while you’re working hard to make the transition to a new office easier for everyone concerned. This is a stressful time, but there’s one more thing to take care of, when moving to the new office: The cell phone reception!

Why Quality Cellular Reception Is So Very Important?

The cell phone penetration in both the United States and Canada is very high. People use cell phones for work. They use them to make sales calls, connecting with colleagues, and so on.

Unfortunately, cellular reception in many buildings is less than ideal. Perhaps it is because of the building materials (like brick, concrete, and even glass) or the physical distance from the nearest cell tower. But poor cellular reception is a common problem in so many commercial buildings.

Indeed, a recent study showed that just 2% of commercial buildings have the right technologies in place to provide reliable cellular coverage to everyone within the building.

No wonder there were over 4000 cell phone dead zones found in a recent survey of just upstate New York. That is why it is so important to have a cell signal site survey done before signing a lease on or taking ownership of any new office premises.

What Is a Site Cell Signal Survey?

There’s just one way to accurately determine the strength of an existing cellular signal and that is to use a professional grade Signal Meter and take a strength reading in dB. Yes, you can check the bars on your cell phone and determine reception strength that way, but it wouldn’t be an accurate reading. We now know that different carriers represent bars differently, which means that the results are all relative.

If you do not wish to spend the $300+ to buy a signal detector to determine wireless signal strength accurately, you can read and follow instructions for putting your cell phone in field test mode. You can also contact a professional installer and ask them to conduct an on-site survey using a Signal Meter. If signal is weak but you still want to buy or lease the property, consider a commercial signal booster. After purchase, you need to contact us for a professional installation quote (including equipment cost estimate or quote, and installation estimate or quote) after conducting a thorough on-site survey for you, using a cell phone signal detecting meter. The results will show with reasonable accuracy the strength of the existing cell signal both outside and inside the building, for all carriers, and on all bands. It is only through a Site Cell Signal Survey that you will know exactly what to expect when it comes to cellular coverage in your prospective workplace.

Why a Cell Signal Survey Is Important to Your Business.

The very last thing you would want when moving to a new office is to discover that the new premises have poor cell reception, poor enough to ultimately affect your business operations. By having a cell signal survey done, you will be able to anticipate how good or bad the cell signal strength in your new premises really is, and whether it can be improved. If there is zero reception outside, even the most powerful commercial or industrial grade signal boosting system will not be able to help.

Therefore, you will need to know well ahead of time if the cell phone reception in the new office premises is going to be spotty, so that you can either look elsewhere for business premises or take action prior to moving in by installing a commercial cell phone signal booster if that will help get you strong mobile reception indoors.

Here’s how your company can benefit by having a Site Cell Signal Survey done:

Increased Office Productivity.

Most professionals today have become dependent on cellular devices in the workplace. A recent survey suggests that more than two-thirds of people in the workforce believe indoor wireless connectivity is essential. And that is not all: Most of the respondents said that their productivity would increase with a strong cellular signal.

Determining If the New Office Space Is a Good Fit for Your Business.

If a cell signal survey indicates a weak signal and concludes that this issue is fixable, then your new office space should suit you well. The next step is to hire a professional installer who would use the right equipment for the installation. The installation itself is a quick and easy process – it hardly takes any time.

Improved Employee Morale.

Moving offices is hard enough, and unexpected problems such as poor cellular coverage make it worse. It is important to make the transition as smooth as possible for your employees, and one way of doing that is to ensure that they get an excellent cell phone coverage for both data and voice connections.

Strong Cellular Signal Leads to Added Security Features.

Security features such as automatic door locks, motion sensors, alarm sensors, and security lighting can all be wirelessly connected and controlled. However, for these security features to work, you need a strong cellular signal.

You will have a lot of things to consider when moving office; making sure that the cellular reception in the new premises is as good as you would want it to be, is just one of them. That is why it is so important to request a professional Site Cell Signal Survey. It would give you a very good idea of the cellular coverage in your new office building. 

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