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M2M Cell Signal Booster Wilson 460119 & weBoost 471119.

Posted by on Apr 01, 2017

Cellular machine to machine or M2M devices require unique solutions such as M2M Cell Signal Booster weBoost 471119 WilsonPro Security 4G (or equivalent Wilson 461119) & Wilson 460119 WilsonPro Signal 4G (or equivalent weBoost 470119) by weBoost & Wilson Electronics to receive and maintain a reliable mobile signal. The Wilson Pro 461119 or weBoost 471119 model is for security panels and Wilson Pro 460119 or weBoost 470119 model is for all other machine to machine or IoT (Internet of Things) scenarios.

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Difficulties in cellular M2M installations.

Distance from cell towers, hills, valleys, concrete and metal building materials and even foliage can block cellular signals. This can result in slow data speeds, data errors or even total data loss. WeBoost and Wilson Electronics antennas and mobile signal boosters are perfect for applications where wireless M2M or IoT (Internet of Things) devices need to communicate in extreme weak signal environments.

Cellular M2M devices are everywhere.

With the rapid increase of cellular M2M devices, cellular connectivity is at an all-time high. This presents unique challenges in:

  • Fleet telematics.
  • Remote monitoring and control.
  • ATMs.
  • Vending machines.
  • Asset tracking.

Above listed are just a few examples. In summary, M2M devices can be virtually any application where a machine communicates via cellular signal with another machine or computer. Without reliable connectivity, these data devices can be rendered unusable. Whatever your M2M application, we have a weBoost and Wilson Electronics solution for you.

How does the booster assist M2M devices?

In example shown in above video, the weBoost Signal 4G or Wilson Signal 4G and weBoost Security 4G or Wilson Security 4G is being used to gain optimal performance. The external antenna picks up hard to detect cellular signals. These are amplified by the booster. And then sent to your data device that is directly connected to the booster. The process is then reversed. Again, this gives your data device the increased power necessary to communicate with the cell tower.

Helping fleet telematics.

This is another application that can be made more reliable through Wilson and weBoost antennas and cellular signal boosters. An external antenna can be used for greater range and effectiveness for your telematics device. This allows clearer, more efficient communication of critical information to back offices for vehicles working in more remote areas. A signal booster can be used to greater amplify the incoming and outgoing signal. This provides a more robust form of cellular communication.

Remote monitoring and control.

This can save time and money. It allows you to access and control critical off-site data through cellular networks. In some areas, cellular signals may be moderate. A higher gain Wilson or weBoost antenna maybe all that is needed for remote monitoring. Directional antennas are most common to direct the signal back to a cell tower. More remote areas may require a signal booster to enhance the incoming and outgoing signal and provide a stronger reliable cellular connection.

If you need more explanation, see the video for more information to help answer your questions or contact us for any assistance.

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