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​Mobilegeddon, How Does It Affect You?

Posted by on May 07, 2015

How does Mobilegeddon affect you?

It was reported recently that Googling on mobile is about to beat Googling on PCs for the first time ever. This is a no joke, as the implication presented is huge if you look carefully at the snowballing effects of Mobilegeddon (newly coined term).

Mobile phone usage increased sporadically since the advent of Apple's iPhone around 2007. With more Apps and faster internet technology since, this recent report does not come as a surprise to many. There have been no "ifs" about it because arrival of Mobilegeddon was just a matter of time due to the following:

A) Higher penetration of mobile use worldwide (entire countries have skipped landline networks and jumped on to the wireless telecommunications bandwagon).

B) Heavy data usage thanks to popularity of streaming media such as online movies, videos, Newscasts, etc. Consequently, You Tube is gaining popularity and leading the pack of data guzzling websites.

C) Increasing mobility of an average urban person, thanks to the freedom cell phones provide.

But of what implication is this to major stakeholders in Internet and communications technology?

By stakeholders, I mean the mobile cell phone users, the wireless telecomunication providers, the website owners and others in the value chain.

How does it affect you as a website owner?

If googling searches from mobile phones have sporadically jumped to beat PCs, it means more people are accessing the internet through mobile phones to transact online. Therefore, website owners need to ensure their e-commerce websites are mobile friendly. This is imperative now that Google has already suppressed mobile search results of websites that are not mobile compatible.

As a website owner, the implications include an additional expense to make website mobile friendly. Such budget could be high at a time like this, because supply is always short and expensive when the demand is high. Therefore, most website owners have already missed the deadline!

I recall the rush that greeted the millennium cross over in year 2000 about the Y2K compliant stuff, remember that? Many computer owners, especially the businesses, thought their systems would just stop working the moment they crossover!

In same manner, since Google's heads up to website owners to be mobile friendly by April 21; many businesses thought they would be penalized by Google for not doing so. Well, I don't think Google has anybody's time!

What Google is simply saying is that its algorithm would place more emphasis on a combination of criteria in respect of users' searches and experiences and if your website failed in the area of mobile friendliness, you simply fail to come up in searches, period!

How does this affect you as a cell phone user?

The implication here is that, the more cell phones out there are browsing Internet, the more strain there would be on the network. The more heavy traffic at peak times, the more service call drops or instances when users are not able to make calls.

When there is heavy traffic, telephone services, which is the bedrock of access to Internet by wireless mobiles, would experience frequent low quality receptions for wireless which may require mobile users to invest in  cell phone signal boosters.

For the mobile wireless users, the implication of high traffic is a possible strain on available signal due to heavy traffic, and the resulting poor quality of service.

But there is no need to panic as there is always a solution. What you need is more information and education on how to achieve strong signal for your cell phone and follow simple expert’s advice.

I would be discussing on how to always achieve strong signal for your mobile phone in subsequent posts, please look out for it.

As I am sure no business owner wants his business to be on the losing side, it is therefore important to also follow simple expert’s advice on how to go mobile friendly with minimal costs.

I would discuss in a subsequent post also, some cost effective mobile friendly transition tactics. But suffice to say now that there is no need to panic as, like the Y2K event, many businesses that did not have to change their computers before the deadline. They still had them working fine and were changed later if needed afterwards, with ease.

Since every business should go where the market is, the same goes for websites that want to remain in business in this mobile sensitive era of online marketing. Therefore, it is sensible to heed Google’s advice.

From now on, Google may have two sets of results, just thinking; one for mobile, and another for desktop. Its possible that the desktop search engine result pages will not change for you. Therefore, if your site performs well on desktop searches, it would continue to do so, even now.

This is only a speculation, but there may be a differentiation in search results to make it easier to identify a mobile site over one that is not. You may even have the chance to see an unfiltered view, where you can display all results, not just mobile-friendly.

Keep in mind that Google doesn’t want to alienate you, but if you cherish your users and make provision for them when making changes and updates to your website, then Google is with you.

Before I close on this discussion, I want to look at the implication for mobile wireless infrastructure and other players in the telecom value chain.

As already identified, there would be a surge in the number of heavy data requests and more service demands by these tons of cell phones competing for network access in searches.

As we already see with the recent novel idea of seamless switching to better network for users in Google MVNO Project Fi, a tough day is certainly ahead for any network with poor quality of service, no more word on that; it is however, better days ahead for wireless consumers.

To provide more quality service, especially at a time when thousands of cell phones are transacting time-sensitive businesses, more resources are needed to cope with the volume of transactions. To do this, more transmission towers and equipment are needed as well as increase in maintenance and monitoring costs. Hmmm, this is not a joke!

We can't as well rule out possible litigations that may arise from failed services. To ensure transaction integrity, more resources are needed at all points to safely land most transactions.

Whatever may be your part and responsibility in Mobilegeddon, I say don't panic; just take it easy, the sky sure won't fall!!!

Cheers :)

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