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Most Effective Way of Enhancing Cell Phone Signal in Steel Buildings

Posted by on Jan 16, 2018

Some people are clueless what to do when they experience spotty, poor and weak cellular signal reception in their steel building. Here's the solution: Cell Phone Signal Booster. Most buildings today are metal roofed. From residential buildings, commercial constructions to typical cabins, modern architecture features steel decks below flat roofs or steel roofs. Steel is a sturdy, long lasting metal that assures a quality construction capable of holding lots of weight and keeping the construction together for the longest time. However, just like many people out there you probably have noted that steel seem to affect your cell phone signal indoors. Some people are clueless that the reason their homes register spotty, poor and weak cellular signal reception is due to the nature of metal construction materials used in the building. What do you do?

Most effective way of enhancing cell phone signal in steel buildings.

Steel and generally metal is a reality in every construction job. A steel roof for instance, has been found to prevent microwaves transmission from a typical cellular device to the cell tower and vice versa. Annoying dropped calls, poor internet and dotted signal results. Many people hardly connect the structural integrity of their buildings with loss of cell phone connection.

Steel is used for its durability, longevity and stability, features that also worsen cell phone signal coverage inside a building. In places such as riding arenas and storage compartments this is hardly a problem. For commercial and residential steel buildings on the other hand, it is a significant inconvenience affecting the quality of life.

The real problem.

Once microwaves are transmitted from cell phone towers strategically spread across an area, an expectation is that they will penetrate all manner of obstructions and reach your phone or mobile device to enable connection. The microwaves are known for their ability to penetrate all manner of building materials such as brick, concrete blocks to wood. However, steel and many other metals used create a problematic impenetrable barrier.

The little cell phone reception in such a building will probably be found along skylights and windows. For a country with cell phone user penetration levels of 80.9%, this is definitely a huge inconvenience. If you live or work in steel made buildings, what you need to enhance your cell phone reception is directing the microwaves in a way that all the cell phones around easily pick them up. A number of solutions exist.


Sometimes the most important thing in your case is enhancing the internet speed and signal only in a steel building. Perhaps, cellular coverage isn't a concern for the time being. In such a case, antennas offer a simple solution where it is wired right on the equipment such as the laptop. The internet signal will then be delivered directly into the device.

Of note here is that wiring is directly into the laptop or mobile device and indoor mobility of the reception will be hampered. For cell phones to make the most of the antennas, see whether they have RF ports for direct antenna connection. Without the port the antenna option will only work for a desktop PC or laptop.

Cell phone signal booster.

To deal with cell phone signal problems in steel buildings the most effective method remains a cell phone signal booster. With the entry of 4G LTE super browsing and talk speeds, the modern cell phone signal amplifier has been upgraded to give you the fastest data or voice connection. In fact, with typical repeaters such as our commercial cell phone signal boosters, you don't just access 4G LTE speeds but 3G and 2G voice and data networks as well.

The repeater system comes with a unique top-tech kit including an interior broadcaster, on-building antenna, and signal amplifier superb for a home or commercial building with multiple people and cell phones. Our cell phone signal amplifiers are superbly convenient with no secondary components or wire connections required. No Internet needed to power them up either. Just an electrical outlet will power it up.

Steel and other building material not a concern with a cellular signal booster.

You actually won't need to directly plug your cell phone on the cellular reception booster to have the signal enhanced. With an indoor and outdoor antenna, a signal amplifier will pick up the signal from outdoors and amplify it around for multiple cell phones and mobile devices indoors to pick the signal up.

Once the professional installer confirms outside signal is available and adequate, a proper antenna location will be selected to install your cell phone signal booster kit right away. An external antenna will be secured on the roof with the reception amplifier on the inside. Keeping it inside is ideal because it isn’t as weatherproof as external antenna. A top-notch cable will take the cellular signal from that external antenna to the signal booster inside the building.

It really doesn't matter whether the building is made of steel or any other building material. The cell phone signal will be delivered within from external antenna right into the cellular booster to be amplified and spread into the entire indoor space. The cellular reception amplifier allows multiple cell phone users around to enjoy a quality cellular signal and full bars.

Cell phone signal repeater for any type of space.

For instance, browse powerful indoor cell phone signal boosters for small steel made buildings of up to 7,500 square foot. Or consider even more powerful commercial grade signal booster kits, our Pro Signal Boosters for over 7,500 sq. ft. to hundreds of thousands of sq. ft. steel buildings.

Professional installation services are available to help diagnose the cell phone signal problem and recommend the best cell phone signal booster to eliminate dead zones and poor cellular reception in your steel building. All our cell phone signal boosters work with all cellular service providers in USA & Canada. They work to boost reception for all cell phone and mobile devices to accomplish 3G and 4G LTE data and voice quality network levels.

Questions? Call us for a FREE product recommendation or try our automated Cell Phone Signal Booster Selector Tool. Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. Submit location details for cell phone signal booster system design & installation quote to have your amplifier kit installed by professionals.

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