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New Car or Truck Drive 4G-S Cell Phone Cradle Holder & Signal Booster.

Posted by on Feb 05, 2017

Find out everything you need to know about the new Drive 4G-S cell phone cradle holder & signal booster for car, truck and RV.

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What is this cell phone cradle holder & signal booster device?

Let us examine first how signal boosters work.

Signal boosters work by taking a weak signal outside of your car, truck or recreational vehicle. They take that signal and boost it many fold. Then they send the strong boosted signal throughout the interior of the car, truck, or RV. This improves your data and call quality up to 32 times so you will have fewer dropped calls and faster data speeds on all your cell devices.

Let us see what exactly does a cradle holder cell phone signal booster do?

Cell phone cradle holder boosters serve two purposes. One purpose is to provide the place to dock the cell phone when in a vehicle. This cell phone holder and booster in one piece can also amplify weak cell phone signal to provide you with good coverage inside of cars, trucks or RVs. The strength of in-vehicle signal depends on available signal strength outside. A signal booster cannot make cellular signal out of nothing, so the more you have got to work with outside, the stronger the signal will be within your automobile. This means faster internet data speeds and clearer calls without having to put up with static and noise during cellular conversations. Plus, you will be able to stay connected nearly anywhere you travel.

How does the new Drive 4G-S cell phone holder booster work?

The Drive 4G-S comes with an outside antenna and a cradle booster. Its outside antenna is a strong magnet mount antenna which you place on the top of your vehicle. This outside antenna captures the weak wireless signal outside of your vehicle and sends it to the booster. The booster amplifies the weak mobile signal and sends it to the cell phone or mobile hotspot device in the cradle holder.

Installation: To install the Drive 4G-S, you place your outside antenna on the roof of your vehicle and run the cable inside to the booster, then connect it. Place your phone in the cradle, power it up and you're done. It is that easy!

The nice features of weBoost Phone Holder Signal boosters.

weBoost phone cradle holder signal boosters are the best quality signal boosters in USA and Canada. Therefore, they have been trusted by first responders for years. All our cradle boosters feature patented AGC or automatic gain control which constantly checks and adjusts amplifier signal for peak performance. If an incoming signal strength is too strong, the booster simply adjusts itself down and continues to provide you with strong cell signal. This is important because other amplifiers will simply shut off if they experience an overpowering incoming signal, providing you with no signal afterwards. All our cell phone amplifiers are designed in United States.

Still have questions about the Drive 4G-S? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss with you about it. View above posted video for more information on the Drive 4G-S Cell Phone Signal Booster for cars and trucks.

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