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New Vehicle Cyber Crime Targets Valuables such as Signal Booster Kits

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015

Protect your car cellular booster kit from thieves

Use A Remote Car Lock? Thieves Can Clone It - And Steal Your Signal Booster Kit In Minutes.

At CellPhoneSignalBooster.us, we were shocked when a customer called us to tell us about her experience - and to warn others that it could very easily happen to them. These thieves are not just targeting your signal booster kit - they are targeting all valuables in your car.

The customer who chose to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, said that as she walked away locking her car remotely, she heard the door unlock. After three more presses of her remote locker to ensure the car doors lock again and stay locked, she looked around only to see two men, who were both looking at her intently.

Luckily for this lady, she trusted her judgement and went straight to the police to report the strange incident - only to discover that she was lucky to have escaped from what is a rapidly growing problem.

Thousands of motorists across United States and Canada where our customers primarily reside, must have fallen victim to a criminal scheme that takes just five minutes to execute in broad daylight: Cloning remote car lock codes for easy access to a car - and easy pickings of valuables owners believed to be safely locked inside.

She said that others have not been as lucky as herself: One man returned to his car after a quick 5-minute stop at a service area, only to discover that his cell phone, signal booster kit, laptop, satellite navigator, and briefcase had all been stolen. The thieves had likely been watching from nearby, waiting for the cloning device to access the code - all the while fully poised to strike in the brief window of opportunity.

We're very concerned for owners who use cell phone signal boosters in their vehicle because they can be expensive with range in cost from about $75 for cradle booster to $480 for most powerful 4G signal booster for car. This is a relatively new form of hi-tech criminal activity, but incidents must be increasing daily all across United States, Canada and the world due to lack of awareness of this type of criminal activity. Luckily for you, who're reading this, there is one low-tech way to ensure that people don't fall victim to this crime - simply lock your car manually.

We recommend that motorists take special care when leaving their car in a public place to avoid becoming a victim themselves:

• Always lock the vehicle manually by inserting the key into the lock in a public place. 

• Be aware of the surroundings - is anyone suspicious watching intently? 

• Keep all valuables out of sight - even if a vehicle is protected against cloning, a window can still be broken easily by an opportunist.

Locking a car with a remote may be an automatic response for many now - but that automatic response could mean the loss of hundreds, or even thousands of dollars worth of valuables.

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Take care to be safe this holiday season, lock vehicles manually, and be alert. All of you happy and cheerful people: Have a great holiday season with Christmas parties, family get-togethers, and lots of fun and frolic!

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